The 7 Most Famous People From The Caribbean

Can you recognize the most famous people from the Caribbean who have made a big impact on the world? Whether you enjoy visiting this destination or live there all year long, you may not know these names at first glance. The Caribbean has given us plenty of great individuals like those listed below.

1 – Bob Marley

Famous People From The Caribbean - Bob MarleySource: NPR

No list of the most famous people from the Caribbean would be complete without Tuff Gong Skipper. New music fans can ignore the reggae stars that have come since he passed.

Marley is still the standard. He was born in Jamaica and was a dedicated Rastafarian. His influence made the unique reggae music sound popular in the US and around the world. Even people who are not usually interested in that type of music know his famous songs like “No Woman No Cry” and “Redemption Song.”

2 – Shaggy

Famous People From The Caribbean - ShaggySource: Vogue

Another musician born in Jamaica also made a big impact on modern music. Born Orville Richard Burrell, combined reggae with dance music into hits like “It Wasn’t Me” and “Boombastic.” Although he lived in Canada and the USA most of his life, and even served in the Marine Corps, he never lost that Caribbean sound.

3 – Rihanna

Famous People From The Caribbean - RihannaSource: Complex

When it comes to modern recognition, nobody beats this songstress. She was born in Barbados but moved to the United States before she finished high school to launch a world-renowned music career. You can still hear that Caribbean influence in her first two studio albums and future songs that have hit the top of the list.

Fans know instantly that Rihanna is one of the most famous people from the Caribbean because she sings with her accent and brings the island culture into her music and art. She is a jewel of the Caribbean. 

4 – Nicky Minaj

Famous People From The Caribbean - Nikki MinajSource: BBC

Born in Trinidad as Onika Tanya Maraj, this popular singer topped the Billboard charts with her debut album Pink Friday. Even those who do not follow her music know “Anaconda” and other hits. 

She sold over 100 million albums and is considered one of the most influential rap and hip-hop artists today. She has definitely cemented herself as one of the most famous people from the Caribbean, but most may not even know she is from the islands. 

5 – Doug E. Fresh

Famous People From The Caribbean - Doug E FreshSource: Casual Classics

Although young hip-hop fans may not know his name, this man from Barbados made a big splash in music. His track “The Show” from 1985 held the record as the fastest selling rap single ever produced. He is considered a beatboxing legend and recently released a new album.

6 – Grandmaster Flash

Famous People From The Caribbean - Grandmaster FlashSource: The Guardian

Another music artist who made it big was born in Barbados in 1958. He is considered one of the godfathers of hip-hop culture. He is responsible for different DJ mixing series, wrote an autobiography, and even has a role in the DJ Hero videogame.

7 – Usain Bolt

Famous People from The Caribbean - Usain BoltSource: Olympics

Not everyone on this list of famous people from the Caribbean focus on the music industry. Everyone knows Usain Bolt’s name. His last name is synonymous with the speed of his running. This world record breaking sprinter hails from Jamaica. 

Are there more famous people from the Caribbean? Absolutely. This part of the world has helped create some of the most talented individuals around. Beyoncé’s father came from the Bahamas. Supermodel Naomi Campbell’s mother came from Jamaica. Lenny Kravitz has Caribbean ties, and Estelle’s father hails from Grenada. The list goes on and on and include some of the most well-known singers, rappers, models, actors, and other celebrities.


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