Several Reasons for Small Business to Turn to Transcription Services

Several Reasons for Small Business to Turn to Transcription Services

In the era of information technologies, the rules of business have changed. It is not enough just to buy advertising on newspapers and radio since you reach only a small percent of the audience. You have to develop your online presence with all the available tools.

SMM, video marketing, podcasts, and so on – all these things are necessary, especially for small businesses. And what is more important, you have to partner with other businesses (or use their services) to stand out from the competitors.

In this article, we want to tell you about transcription services and their benefits. Why should you choose a professional transcription company over a freelancer, and how can it help you to make your small business better?

Briefly About Transcription Services

We need to start from transcribing itself since this word is new to many readers. Transcription is a kind of activity when you represent the audio or video content as text. In other words, you create a text version of your recording. Firstly you had met this thing in school when you were obliged to write a phonetic version of every word.

Audio to text transcription is quite an easy thing. However, it is very monotonous and needs very good concentration. Moreover, you need high-quality software and hardware. Finally, to make a proper video to text transcription, you need a professional writer so he will avoid all the possible mistakes and catch difficult words.

In this case, many small businesses turn to professional transcription services. Such companies have big teams of qualified human transcribers. Thus, when you decide to turn to such a company, you cooperate with professionals to improve your own business. So, how can transcription services improve your small business?

They Boost Your SEO

The first and foremost reason to turn to professional human transcribers is to improve your SEO rankings. Audio to text transcription is very useful for SEO since it helps to:

  • add more keywords;
  • expand the reference weight;
  • reach a non-native audience;
  • reach an audience with disabilities;
  • represent the content in different variations (slideshows, ebooks, and so on).

By using professional transcription services, you get a lot of very useful and effective opportunities to make your SEO rankings better. And what is more important, such a service is very affordable.

You Save Your Time

As soon as you understand the efficiency of audio-to-text transcription, you will definitely decide to make a transcription for every piece of your audio and video content. Yet, transcription takes much time. To make a transcription of a 1-hour video, you have to spend about 4 hours listening and writing.

Moreover, you have to create timestamps and even divide all the transcribed text into roles. It is necessary to create proper captions for your video. Thus, you might spend up to 6 hours on 1 video. And if you are a beginner human transcriber, you will spend even more time on 1-hour video. Do you have such an amount of time when you run a small business? We are sure that you don’t.

That is why you have to turn to a professional transcription company such as With a team of expert transcribers, you can save a lot of time and get all the benefits of audio-to-text transcription for your website.

You Save Your Money

Transcription is a very cheap way to improve your SEO and digital marketing strategy. At the same time, it is very effective since it affects a lot of things in digital marketing. Mind that with one transcription, you can get a higher position in search engines. Thus, more people will visit your website and get information about your product or service.

You have to understand that when you ignore transcription, you still have to spend money on marketing. You will spend more on SMM and context advertising. Nonetheless, there are no guarantees that you will get more clients. To reach more customers, you have to use all of the opportunities of digital marketing rather than choose only several channels and spend a fortune on them.

You Work With Professionals

Before writing this article, we did a small survey among our readers. Some of them claimed that they would be better off to freelance transcribers rather than to a transcription company. And there is only one reason: freelancers are cheaper. Nonetheless, audio to text transcription is one of the situations when it is better to avoid saving a lot.

  1. Freelancers have fewer responsibilities. They don’t sign any kind of document when providing services. Thus, they won’t have to make a refund if they don’t satisfy your needs.
  2. In many cases, they are not professional writers. Thus, you might get a text of low quality, with bad structure and grammar mistakes. In this case, you would rather harm your SEO than improve it.
  3. Freelancers don’t have proper software and hardware. On freelance sites, transcription is something usual and easy. Thus, even a beginner can set his price and get such an order. However, beginners usually don’t use relevant software and hardware to provide services. They just save money on everything. So, you might get transcriptions of low-quality.
  4. They don’t know the rules of transcription and digital marketing. You have to follow all the rules in transcription or creating captions if you want to boost your business. Professional transcription services know these rules since they use them to promote their own company. Freelance transcribers might ignore these rules since they can promote themselves just on a freelance website.
  5. Professional companies provide guarantees. Expert transcribing services care about their reputation. What is more, they are officially registered, so they have a lot of responsibilities. Thus, they provide some guarantees such as free editing and money-back.

When you cooperate with professional transcription websites, you can be sure of good results. Otherside, they will have to make a refund. As a company, they aren’t interested in this. That is why they will strive to provide transcription services on the highest level.


There are a lot of problems when you run a small business. Firstly, you don’t have much time and enough skills to do proper marketing. Secondly, you can’t spend much money on promotions. However, in the world of great competition in everything, it is vital to spend on advertising and fight for every customer.

In this case, small businesses have to turn to alternative ways of self-promotion. Professional transcribing companies is one such way. With their help, you can easily improve your SEO and even produce more content. So don’t hesitate to turn to expert transcribers.



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