The key to Instagram success is not to overcomplicate the process

The key to Instagram success is not to overcomplicate the process

Seeing Into the Future: Can Tarot Cards Predict the Future?For one reason or another, every person thinks that to make money on Instagram, you’ve got to do all kinds of crazy things. You’ve probably heard a million times how you have to use bots, buy proxies, and do all kinds of things to get followers on Instagram. All of those people miss out on the fact that there’s a shortcut to not only getting followers on Instagram but also making money.

If you’ve got followers, that means you have the opportunity to make money. You can cash in on your followers with a variety of methods, and all of them can put some serious money in your wallet.

Whatever you do, don’t run bots on your Instagram accounts

You don’t need to use bots to get followers on Instagram. All you have to do is buy Instagram followers at sites like You run the risk of Instagram closing your account if you run bots. You see, Instagram hates automation, and it will hurt your account. Instagram will see that you’re trying to game the system, and fewer people will see your content as a result. The impact of the follow and unfollow method is so disastrous to your Instagram account that you won’t be able to recover from it.

Engagement groups can work, but they’re not so easy to pull off

An engagement group is a bunch of people who interact with each other’s content. It sounds like a good idea until you realize how much work is involved. How many hours a day do you want to spend growing your Instagram account? You can’t possibly think that there is no better way to spend your time than to like and comment on the posts of people who have no interest in your content. Yes, Instagram will see the activity on your posts, but it’s not going to have the impact that you think it will. Consider how much time you’re wasting with engagement groups, and you’ll quickly see that it’s not worth it. Instead, buy some followers, grow an organic following, and those people will interact with your content.

Post high-quality content, use hashtags and see the results

That’s pretty much all you have to do to become successful at Instagram. If you’re using bots, shady practices, or other things, it’s not going to work out in the end. If your content is good, your hashtags are right on, and you’ve got a few followers to signal to Instagram that your account is worthy of promotion, everything will work out. If you stray too far away from the recipe for success, the results aren’t going to be what you want. You can spend months learning how bots work only to discover that they do more harm than good to your account.

The simple approach works best because you can scale it

Above all else, what you want to do is to create a system that allows you to run as many accounts as possible effortlessly. You do that by developing a system that you can streamline that doesn’t take much time. All the other methods that you read online about how to grow an Instagram account require you to jump through too many hoops. All of those methods fall short because they rely on gaming Instagram’s algorithm, and they almost always catch on.



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