2010 is Looking Brand New For Reggae Ballardeer, Ernie Smith

NEW YORK – Reggae Legend, Ernie Smith in celebrating 42 years in reggae music has re-launched his website featuring significant changes to further promote his career.
Visit, www.erniesmithmusic.com

The site is designed to enhance Ernie’s visibility on the World Wide Web. Producers, Performers, Promoters, Radio DJs and Sound System Operators are encouraged to visit Ernie’s website for information as well as to listen, and/ or download samples of his songs – old and new – for study/cover/collaboration.

Fans, Family and friends are also encouraged to submit photos of themselves and Ernie for review and possibly, periodic inclusion on the site.

All in all 2010 is gearing up to be fun-filled.

Ernie Smith is promoting his album “Country Mile” and will be visiting some Caribbean Islands, East Coast of the United States and Central America from late March to August 2010.

The Reggae Ballardeer recently told us “I am heartened by the responses I have been receiving from the album. I know now that my evergreen fans are enjoying it and lo and behold, I have a new crop of fans. I am blessed. It is my hope that Music Lovers everywhere will be satisfied after listening. I did try to touch on some key issues of social forms”.

Ernie is slated to perform on the 8th Annual Talent Search and Award Show at Giggles Comedy & Entertainment Centre, Long Island, on the 27th of March.

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