Top 10 Sean Paul Songs

Since 1996, Sean Paul songs have impressed fans of reggae, pop, dancehall, and related genres throughout the Caribbean and around the world. He raps, sings, produces music, writes songs, and even acts.

His experience spans several labels including Island, Atlantic, and VP, and he is worked with a variety of big names like Beyoncé, Snoop Dogg, Busta Rhymes, Sia, Enrique Iglesias, and Shaggy to name a few. Sean Paul songs span six studio albums now include singles from a seventh coming out soon.

1 – Dutty Rock Hits

Although not an individual song, you cannot make a list of Sean Paul’s greatest without mentioning his early work with the 2002 Dutty Rock album. This introduction to his unique style and energy includes tracks like Get Busy, Baby Boy with Beyoncé, I’m Still in Love With You with Sasha, and Like Glue.

2 – Ever Blazin’

One of the hits from Sean Paul’s third album called “The Trinity” helped propel him to platinum status. While this is not one of the more famous songs, it did get a lot of attention for its unique backdrop sounds. He collaborated with Stephen ‘Lenky’ Marsden to create this international single.

3 – Give It Up to Me

This 2006 song featured in the soundtrack to “Step Up,” a movie about music, dance, and youth culture. Sean Paul recorded it with Keyshia Cole as a guest singer. Later on, he released it under the expanded title (When You Gonna) Give It Up to Me. This is the first one of his songs that hit the Billboard Top 10 in the United States.

4 – Never Gonna Be the Same

Another song from “The Trinity” from 2005, this was one of the slower and more emotional songs on the album. It honored Sean Paul’s friend, Daddigon, a prominent Jamaican reggae artist. He was murdered in January of the year that the album released.

5 – We Be Burnin’

Besides dancing, women, and sex, the celebration of marijuana features prominently in Sean Paul’s music. Whether that is a personal choice or Jamaican influence is up to interpretation. This track from his 2005 album was a huge hit although most people heard the radio edit first.

6 – Come Over

In 2008, Sean Paul was featured on this Estelle song. This was part of the wrapper and singers second album that contributed to her A-list status in Great Britain and abroad.

7 – Press It Up

A popular dance hall hit released on Imperial Blaze in 2009, this track had ultimate Sean Paul flavor. It focused on classic top-hit themes like sex, dancing, and women.

8 – Hold My Hand

Another song on the 2009 album brought fans a true reggae experience. Sean Paul worked with Keri Hilson on the heartfelt song filled with beautiful harmonies and catchy melodies.

9 – Contra La Pared

Sean Paul collaborated with J. Balvin, a well-known Latin star to create this standalone single in 2019. This is another hot club hit that also spawned a music video on Lake Powell in Utah. The name of the track translates to Against the Wall.

10 – Got 2 Luv U

The fifth album, Tomahawk Technique, was released in 2012 and featured quite a few collaborations between Sean Paul and other artists. This first single brought him together with Stargate, a Norwegian duo, and Ryan Tedder, the singer from One Republic. This new style hit number one spots on international charts.

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