Pluto Shervington Ready for Round Two of Pluto & Friends

Pluto & Friends Ready for Round Two
Pluto Shervington performing at Pluto & Friends in February, 2020

by Howard Campbell

[SOUTH FLORIDA] – Reggae from the 1970s and 1980s is scheduled to ride into Gulfstream Park racetrack on February 12, through the second Pluto & Friends show. Like the inaugural event in 2020, singer/songwriter Pluto Shervington is featured act.

That event celebrated Shervington’s 50th anniversary in the music business, most of which has been in South Florida where he moved to from Jamaica in the late 1970s.

This time around, his ‘Friends’ are Boris Gardiner, Ernie Smith, Third World (who were all on the first show), J C Lodge and Chalice. Gardiner, Smith and Lodge will be backed by the Code Red Band.


“The show Pluto & Friends means the world to me, more so because it involves many of my contemporaries. Remember that Ernie, Boris J C lodge, Wayne Armond (Chalice singer/guitarist) and all the guys from Third World and myself practically grew up together in the music business,” said Shervington. “I have been very close to Zemroy and the Code Red Band for many years. There is absolutely no competition between any of us, it’s just strictly fellowship.”

Marco Brown, a longtime friend of Shervington’s, and Tyrone Robertson are co-promoters of Pluto & Friends. They also produced the first show which drew a full house at Gulfstream Park’s Sport of Kings Theater.

“The success of our last show in 2020 completely blew me away. I had no idea that this lineup would have had that kind of appeal. I personally think that this one will be even better. Both in terms of the draw and vibes of the show,” said Shervington.

Born in Kingston, Shervington had a golden run during the 1970s with songs such as Your Honour and Dat. He moved to South Florida over 40 years ago.  Pluto established himself as a live performer at venues like Sundays By The Bay in Miami.


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