11 Things to Know Before Traveling to Dubai

So, you are planning on visiting Dubai? But don’t do it until you read this. There are a couple of things that might help you avoid some common pitfalls while having a lot of fun. We have gathered a wide variety of tips. So, let’s get into it.

Traveling to Dubai

  • It Gets HOT During Summer

Dubai is one of those places that become unbearable during summer. It is highly recommended that you only visit the city during the winter season. November to March seems to be the best time to visit Dubai. You can take trips and do sightseeing throughout the day without any issues. In summer, even the locals don’t venture out in the open. The harsh sunlight can not only be a downer for any trip but also harmful.

  • The Culture is Sensitive to Clothing

Whenever you are planning any trip you should know a couple of things about the culture of your destination. It might be different from where you live. Since you will be a guest in that country it is better to follow some customs. Dubai is very modern but they are sensitive to what females wear. So, avoid wearing tight-fitting and revealing clothes. You don’t need them to enjoy your time there.

  • Currency Used is Dirhams

The currency used in Dubai is AED also called Dirhams. It is advisable to keep some cash in hand while you travel. It will help you pay for taxis and other items at the bazaar or street shops. You can get your home currency exchanged for AED at the airport or malls. If possible it might be a good idea to use an international debit or credit card. That way you can withdraw cash from the local ATMs. Inform your bank you will be traveling. You don’t want your card to get blocked.

  • Dubai is Safe

One of the great things about Dubai is that it is very safe. It is safer than most places in the world. So, you can travel freely without much worry. The crime rate there is quite low. Besides the low crime rate, the city is also very clean. There are no health or hygiene issues there. The government and the people are very conscious of these things. So, you will have a good experience during your trip.

  • Keep Your Documents Safe

Even though we mentioned the low crime rate in Dubai mishaps can happen. You can forget your bag somewhere and lose all your documents. It is advisable to keep all the original documents in a locker in your hotel room. Keep hard and soft copies on you. In case, you lose the copies you still have the original docs with you. This tip is not specific to Dubai but rather a general traveling tip.

  • Be Careful of What You Buy

One of the issues that still plague Dubai is counterfeit stuff. Don’t get too worried now. It is still a good place to do the shopping and stuff. But you have to be careful where you buy stuff from. We suggest only buying branded items from authorized retailers in malls and shopping outlets. If a vendor seems sketchy we suggest you stay away. You can buy local items from the bazaar and stuff still. But do bargain a bit (wink…wink).

  • Keep a Sunscreen Handy

We have already advised against visiting Dubai in the summer. Your trip will be ruined unless all you want to do is sit in your hotel. But even if you decide to visit during winter we suggest bringing sunscreen with you. Your skin will thank you for it even though the sun rays are on the mellow side.

  • Alcohol Consumption is Okay

Even though this is a Muslim country and Shariah law is observed you will find alcohol in bars and restaurants. You can enjoy whatever drink you like. But, of course, do it responsibly. Many bars require you to be at least 21 years old while some allow people 25 or older to drink. If you want to buy alcohol, do it at the airport.

  • Don’t Eat Outside Especially in Ramadan

Though there is no law regarding eating outside it is generally frowned upon. Especially during Ramadan, it seems quite impolite to eat in public since most of the country is fasting. If you are hungry try to find a restaurant and get your fill. But you probably won’t have to face this if you are visiting in winter. But in general, it is better to avoid eating in public.

  • Think About Transportation

If you have a lot of money or you have no qualms in spending on your vacation then you book private taxis to travel. However, if you want to save some money or are planning to visit on a budget we suggest taking public transport. It will be quite cheaper. Also, keep Google Maps handy. Don’t expect drivers to know where you want to go.

  • Enjoy Desert Safaris

Enjoy driving a nice four-wheeler on the sand and feel the adrenaline rush. Go for dune bashing and even a nice dinner in the desert. Don’t just linger in the city and sit in the awe of the skyscrapers. Try to explore different places. One of the ways to do that would be to enjoy the desert safaris in Dubai.

So, these were some of the things to know before traveling to Dubai. The idea behind the list is to let you know about some important things so that you can get the most out of your Dubai trip. We hope this list has some useful info for you. All the best for your trip!


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