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Zhivargo Laing impressed by The Turks and Caicos

PROVIDENCIALES, TCI – It is no longer the rustic retreat with a distant chance of becoming a highly sought after destination; The Turks and Caicos has a myriad of accolades and awards to solidify that it is now one of the most famous and fabulous vacation escapes in the world and Minister of State for the Bahamas, Hon Zhivargo Laing was able to see the appeal of the island nation, southwest of his country.

“Well, from what I have seen so far, fantastic properties and from what I can tell, tourism at the moment seems to be booming, I mean there are lots of tourists and occupancy levels are extremely high.”

Hon. Laing and his wife were treated to a lavish weekend stay at the Point Grace Resort, where their ocean view suite sat perched right above ‘the Caribbean’s best beach’, Grace Bay.

“Point Grace is heavenly, just excellent. What I find especially impressive about the property is the hospitality of the staff; that they are courteous and welcoming. So what they have is a great physical property with outstanding human resources… we couldn’t have asked for anything better.”

Two decades had passed since the last visit by Minister Laing; Magnetic Media, a new Public Relations and Marketing firm in The Turks and Caicos sent the invite for the former full time business consultant to launch its Motivational Moments series. Laing acquiesced to the ‘four great events meant to inspire.’

“It has been far from easy for many in the country and Magnetic Media selected the Minister because of his prowess as an able speaker and for his diversity of appeal. The Christian Church, the business community and the Youth would all get a message tailored to their specific challenges, but with a resounding harmony of hope in these tough economic times,” said Deandrea Hamilton, Managing Director of Magnetic Media.

Among the activities was a tour of the island prior to his presentation to the business sector, Hon Laing and his wife observed some of the most stunning vistas including Chalk Sound and Silly Creek, in Southern Providenciales but it was the all-inclusive family resort, Beaches Turks and Caicos which appealed to the parents of four most of all.

“This Beaches property though is really fantastic. The diversity, the variety, the offerings for various age groupings is really, really impressive.”

Minister Laing who once held the portfolio of economic planning and development in his native Bahamas, explained that businesses in The Turks and Caicos were not regrettably like all others around the world; not immune to the financial dire straits of both private and public sector; nonetheless, his perspective promoted potential for a rebound.

“All across the world, including in The Bahamas, we have had to endure the consequences of one of the worst global and economic crises since the great depression, that has obviously resulted in a great many businesses falling back or behind in their own profit earnings. But these are part and parcel of the world’s economic cycles and I always say to business people everywhere that the world is batting a thousand on economic turn-around.”

While this was being communicated by Hon. Laing, who is the Member of Parliament for Marco City in Freeport, Grand Bahama – The Turks and Caicos was recording a surge in tourism business with near capacity bookings for its resorts, the addition of three new flights from the US, car rental companies all reaching peak performance and tourism figures surging as much as 15% over last year. There is a cautious optimism on the ground:

“Really the question for business people is, ‘what adjustments are required to be made and how do I then tap into the existing and new opportunities that might present themselves to me?’” Laing continued, “There is always hope if you are prepared to make adjustments and to focus on the assignment.”

The Minister first addressed the Church at Community Fellowship Center church on Thursday March 3; next the Business sector at Point Grace on Friday March 4; the Youth of the nation on Saturday March 5, at the Gus Lightbourne Gym and Bahamians resident in TCI were given a chance to speak to the Minister about matters at home.

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