World Renowned Surgeon Proves The Most Recent Breakthrough Treatment For CarpalTunnel Syndrome Is A Success

Miami – Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is an extremely common as well as very misunderstood condition.  In recent years, it has received much coverage in the press but this information is often inaccurate and has not been presented by the dedicated hand specialist. The media has branded this condition as an occupational disease because of workers linking pain in their hands to repetitive activities such as typing or assembly line work.  Despite popular opinion, this condition is not caused by using a keyboard. However, if one has a predisposition to this condition, repetitive activity such as typing can aggravate it.

The symptoms most often reported with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome are numbness and tingling in the hand, which often begins at night, pain and weakness in the hand, particularly in the thumb.  If allowed to progress for many years untreated, this could lead to atrophy of the muscles in the base of the thumb. Besides the physical symptoms of Carpal Tunnel, the diagnosis is easily confirmed by a simple nerve conduction study.  This measures the velocity and the latency of the nerve impulse across the median nerve at the wrist and can tell the physician if the patient has a compression of the median nerve.

Dr. Badia in surgery.
Dr. Badia in surgery.

The most recent breakthrough in treatment of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, which is used at Badia Hand to Shoulder Center, is called Endoscopic Release.  In this procedure, an incision of less than one centimeter is made in the crease of the wrist and an endoscopic, a tiny camera, is inserted.  This allows the surgeon to literally see the inside of the hand and make the division of the ligament without a large, open incision.

“It is very important that patients know about this new alternative to treat the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Through a tiny incision a faster procedure can be done with less stress for the patient and less recovery time than the traditional surgery for this health condition. My patients have experienced an immediate disappearance of CTS symptoms after this procedure.”- Affirms Dr Alejandro Badia, world-renowned upper limb surgeon, who recently visited Malaysia and Argentina, teaching colleagues this procedure and other new innovative minimally invasive surgical procedures.

This alleviates the numbness and pain, and allows the patient to use the arm immediately after the outpatient procedure is complete at Badia Hand to Shoulder Center. No therapy is required and only local anesthesia is used, complications such as scarring, neuromas, and continued pain are almost never seen with the endoscopic approach.

The benefits of Endoscopic Release

–       Less scaring

–       Direct visualization of the nerve the whole procedure

–       Less Post Op pain

–       Faster Recovery

“I came to see Dr. Badia for a cubital injury, the procedure was done on a Tuesday and today is Friday and my wrist are working, no pain, no numbness and no cramps. Dr. Badia is so great, great guy!”-  Rox Morgan, Jamaican, Royal Caribbean.

“I did the assessment xray, MRI and I had the surgery the next day. I was very pleased, one-stop shop. I was in and I was out, on my road to recovery within days.” – Jim Frasier, Professional Runner, Cayman Island.

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