Women’s Health: How To Combat Vitamin Deficiency

As time passes by, the human body also matures and gets old. This does not only apply to humans but to animals too. As people grow older, the human cells experience wear and tear. Fortunately, various kinds of vitamins could aid in slowing down this process and help in restoring any cellular damage.

Taking vitamins every day has a lot of benefits, including reducing stress, improving eyesight, and helping you have a stronger immune system which is very important, especially now that there are a lot of diseases in the environment.

Furthermore, incorporating a diverse range of supplements such as Beam Wellness Products can provide additional support in addressing specific nutrient deficiencies.

With all these perks, some people still fail to have a proper vitamin intake daily. So, if you’re experiencing vitamin deficiency, here are five simple ways you could try.

How To Combat Vitamin Deficiency

Drink Your Vitamins

Not drinking your vitamins could put you at risk for some chronic diseases. Without these nutritional supplements, a human body may experience fatigue and dizziness if the body fails to receive the proper nutrients it needs.

Women are known to be more affected by iron deficiency than men because females experience menstrual periods, which makes them lose iron during those days and lose even more when pregnant. So, if females fail to find a source of iron other than from foods, for the next few days, they will start noticing some negative effects on their bodies.

In this sense, their body failed to produce enough red blood cells that help them in carrying oxygen which could have been prevented if you had taken enough iron supplements. As a consequence, you always feel tired and weak.

So, it will always be best to find and consult your doctor about the best multivitamin for women with iron needs to help them get the proper nutrients. Also, you could have the peace of mind that you and your baby are safe and healthy if you’re currently on your pregnancy journey.

Consume More Red Meat

Since food is the primary source of vitamins for everyone, whatever food you take has good or negative effects on your body. If you eat healthy foods, most likely, you will have a good and healthy body. But, if you always eat junk foods, drink sodas, and don’t eat at the right time, there is a high chance that you’ll not have a healthy body, which might cause you to be sick.

Consuming red meat enriches your body with vitamins like iron, vitamin B, and zinc. Also, pork, chicken, or beef have high protein content, which is essential in helping a person repair damaged cells and make new ones. Not to mention, protein is a necessary vitamin that even kids need to grow and develop properly.

Furthermore, red meat also helps improve a person’s muscle performance, especially for people who just began their fitness journey and are exercising regularly. Not to mention, it is a protein-rich diet that helps strengthen a person’s muscles.

Eat More Fruits and Vegetables

One of the main symptoms of having Vitamin C deficiency is when you tend to have bleeding gums that are not due to brushing or have a wound that does not heal fast. Vitamin C is essential in wound healing and helps prevent cell damage in the body. So, if you experience these symptoms, try incorporating a more healthy diet of meals high in Vitamin C.

Foods that contain high amounts of Vitamin C include citrus fruits, tomatoes, bell peppers, parsley, and more. Also, incorporate more greens in your meals like kale, spinach, broccoli, and more as they help preserve your eye health and lower cholesterol levels. You will be shocked *by the benefits you get from eating right and healthy.

Spend Some Time Outdoors

Take a walk or visit a friend- these would benefit you to receive Vitamin D since it comes from sunlight. Combatting Vitamin D deficiency could be much easier than aiding other nutritional deficiencies because the “sunshine vitamin” is easy to have just by going outdoors. Still, of course, proper food intake is highly recommended too.

Vitamin D is crucial in maintaining healthy bone health, improving a person’s mood, and even preventing cancer risk. But of course, you have to limit the time you expose yourself to sunlight as too much of it could also cause more harm than good. Additionally, if you can’t always spend a few minutes outdoors, try eating yogurt or tuna daily, as these foods are high in Vitamin D.

Schedule An Appointment With Your Doctor

If you feel like you are experiencing some negative symptoms in your health, it’s best to schedule an appointment with your doctor before taking any medicine. Communicating with doctors will help give you the peace of mind you need and provide you with options on the next steps you could take to help you with your vitamin deficiency.

Final Thoughts

Great nutrition is essential to perform your daily tasks well and protect yourself from diseases. Taking vitamins, whether by pill, syrup, or injection, can help aid in the deficiencies you’re experiencing.

When a person has an excellent nutritional balance and paired with proper exercise, they’re most likely halfway there to living a good and healthy lifestyle. Thus, if you can’t take most of your needed nutrients from your food alone, like vegetables and fruits, vitamins and minerals are a perfect source of the nutrients you need.


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