Will ‘Madness’ Give Reggae Dancehall Artiste Elephant Man That Elusive Hit Song He’s Been Searching For?

Kingston, Jamaica – Finding a hit song in the crowded dancehall space does not come easy these days. The last time Elephant Man had a major hit song that dominated dancehall charts globally was his 2008 single ‘Nuh Linga’ which debuted on Billboard’s Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs Chart at the 100 slot. Olympic gold medalist Usain Bolt made the dance for ‘Nuh Linga’ his celebration dance after his 100m victory at the Beijing Olympics and introduced it to the rest of the world. The song eventually peaked at #84 on the Billboard chart.

Elephant Man and Richie Stephens
Elephant Man and Richie Stephens

The “Energy God” seem to have found another hit with the new combination song titled ‘Madness’ that he recently recorded with Jamaican Music Ambassador Richie Stephens. The rhythm for the song is authentic, vocally it sounds impressive and has a beat that will keep the dancehall jumping.

“I had the melody and lyrics for the song in my head for a long, long time before I recorded it” an enthusiastic Stephens said.

“I then invited ‘Ele’ on the track and he brought his wild, crazy energy to compliment my energy that already tun up. It was pure madness in the studio when we got together” he explained.

Stephen and Ele have since been promoting the song at events like Uptown Mondays, Boasy Tuesday, Check In Thursdays, Weddy Weddy, Cheap Mondays and Pepper Sundays.
“Given the positive reception from fans, selectors and even radio at this early juncture, I feel we have hit the jackpot” the ‘Live Your Life’ singer gushed.

Elephant Man is also excited about the song and the reception it is getting from the streets.

“I have to big up singer Richie Stephens, cause he knew I was the right DJ to record this mad track with him. It is a bad song that is getting crazy, crazy love from fans every time it get played. We just love the vibes that a gwan right now. It good to go” Elephant Man exclaimed!


Check out video preview of new single ‘Madness’: https://sflcn.com/richie-stephens-elephant-man-madness/

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