Why Living In Hollywood, Florida Is So Awesome?

Why Living In Hollywood, Florida Is So Awesome?Hollywood, Florida and its casinos don’t really get as much attention and love as they deserve. That is a real pity, as it is one of the most charming cities around and filled with an incredible variety of parks, galleries, restaurants and other attractions. It also has possibly the friendliest residents and enough sandy beaches to amaze you.

Here are the things that actually make life in Hollywood, Florida really good:

  • The Beaches Are Mesmerising – Florida, now is rightly renowned for its beaches, but the ones in Hollywood simply have a class of their own. At one time, a popular beach in Florida was awarded the title of “The Best Beach For Families”, which is enough to justify its classic tag.
  • Botanical Gardens – The Flamingo Gardens in Hollywood is a renowned botanical garden and wildlife sanctuary. It features animals like otters, panthers, eagles, peacocks, alligators, and bobcats. There are also more than 3,000 species of plants and trees, most of which are rare and/or exotic. Pay a visit to this garden and explore wildlife at its best.
  • Parks And More Parks – Anniversary Park is just one of the many parks in Hollywood. It is just perfect for a walk or solitary contemplation and there are lots of shady spots to sit down, relax and have a great time with family and friends.
  • Eminent Personalities – Lots of famous folks have their origins in Hollywood like Joe DiMaggio, Mike Donald the pro golfer, Billy Mitchell the video gamer and actor Josh Gad. Famed professional poker player Michael Mizrachi is also from Hollywood, as is pro-basketball player Steve Blake.

             Constant Action

Hollywood like most other cities on the globe is forever busy hosting one event or the other. Most of these events are the sort to get really excited about. They include art exhibitions, music shows, theatrical performances and the like. The Hollywood Beach Theatre is one of the best theatres around and unlike most of its ilk permits an informal dress sense. Thus, the folks prefer wearing flip flops and some casual clothing while checking out its fabulous murals, live music shows and the antics of the incoming waves.

The Seminole Hard Rock is not to be missed. This is located downtown and over the years has hosted a few eventful poker tournaments. Cinema Paradiso is also worth checking out. It is a striking building that hosts a wide variety of independent and art-house films. Film lovers are assured of having the time of their lives in its cosy interior.

Hollywood, Florida is a city like no other and is amazing to live in or visit. Boredom in such a city is simply not possible due to the availability of an endless array of things to occupy the attention and spoil the senses.

Thinking of visiting Hollywood someday? Then better get the planning and packing right now!



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