Why Bad Reviews Can Be Good For Your Business

Bad PR is also PR. This is a golden rule that professional marketing managers follow. Everyone knows that even the bad and negative PR is still a PR. A bad review can be damaging, but most of the time, it can be scandalous. And what can attract more people better than freshly-baked scandalous news?

Our psychology plays a big role in this. Many pieces of research show that bad emotions are often stronger than good emotions. This is because bad emotions require more thinking. Have you ever caught yourself worrying about an issue that could be resolved in just a few steps? And you feel like you’re overthinking? This happens to the best of us. Overthinking is a part of a bad emotion. The negative information is processed more thoroughly than positive ones, that’s why to spend so much time overthinking.

People tend to use more gestures and strong words to describe a bad experience. If you’d like to dig into more psychological reasons for this phenomenon, I would advise you to read this article Bad is stronger than Good.

Everything has a brighter side, and so does a bad review. Studying at the University/College, in the Marketing classes we learned that a one single good review can attract 2-3 person. A bad review, on the other hand, will get attention of more than 20 individuals. This is because, bad news attract more attention and will spread widely and fast, gaining you the recognition of some sorts.

You can use bad reviews for the sake of your business. Your products and services exist because their features are beneficial for a specific audience. Some people might not be satisfied with what you do, but you can use their experience to modify yourself and build your company a name that is famous. Important thing is to know how to react to bad reviews. So, read about the tips on how to respond to negative reviews

Why Bad Reviews Can Be Good For Your Business

As a business owner, you might’ve seen some negative reviews about your product. But I’m sure you are a custom to it. You understand that negative reviews will be there, even if your product fits in with all the requirements of quality and price policy.

Working in the Customer service department, I know how hard it is to talk to the unsatisfied customer. I also know how essential it is to help them out, even if you don’t really have a solution. It’s not easy to win over them to your side, but warm words and clear concern can make the magic happen.

When you first had an idea of creating a company, you lived in an ideal world where all the reviews were good, and everyone loved your services. But in reality, we have to deal with a lot of haters and unsatisfied customers. It may be difficult, but it’s not impossible to work the issues out.

Ignoring negative reviews can be damaging. Acting on them emotionally – even worse! To keep your cool and answer your reviews with dignity and proper structure is an art. Help your business and know how to act on bad PR.

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