When Is the Best Time To Buy Business Class Flights To Europe?

Most travel begins with a flight. Buying cherished tickets and dreaming of a cherished trip. Buying business class tickets to Europe, many travelers want to save money and still get the most out of the flight.

Business class tickets cost an order of magnitude more expensive than regular tickets. You pay extra for a higher level of service and comfort. But knowing certain nuances, you can buy more affordable business class tickets to European countries. Let’s understand the nuances of when it’s best to buy business class airline tickets to Europe.

Best Time To Buy Business Class Flights To Europe

Do I need to buy a business class ticket in advance?

Agree that it’s nice when the trip is already planned and you look forward to the cherished date.

It is advisable to buy plane tickets in advance. This is one of the basic tips, which helps to save significantly on flights. The optimal time is two to four months before your planned trip. This is generally the period when there are good discounts on tickets from airlines.

Buying a ticket six months to a year in advance? That does not make sense, because it’s not like you can save money that way. If there is less than a month before departure you will have to pay more for the ticket.

What time of year are the best deals on airline tickets?

The most expensive tickets are offered during holidays, weekends, and the summer season. At the same time, there are periods when the price of airline tickets is significantly reduced. From mid-January to the end of February, as well as from mid-November to mid-December you can buy affordable tickets in business class. It is actually during this period that passengers fly much less frequently.

If you can, it is advisable to travel out of season. In spring and fall, there are far fewer tourists, and it’s cheaper to rent a place to stay. But many European countries still have pleasant, warm weather.  In the off season, discounts on airline tickets can be 50% or even 70%.

How much does the day of the week affect ticket prices?

Statistics directly show that even the day of the week affects the price of tickets.

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are considered ideal days to buy tickets. Plan future trips in the middle of the week.

On Monday and Friday, the price and with it the demand to buy tickets increases. Because on Monday, people are coming back after the weekend. And on Friday, on the contrary, they fly somewhere for the weekend. Most airlines set the highest price for tickets just on Saturday and Sunday.

Does the time of booking a ticket to Europe matter?

Surprisingly, even the time at which you will be booking airline tickets plays a role. The best deals on tickets can be found from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. and from 2 to 6 p.m. on weekdays. Try to compare airfare prices at different times and you’ll notice the difference in cost.

Is it cheaper to fly early in the morning or late in the evening?

More affordable fares for business class tickets are set if the flight is scheduled at an inconvenient time. For example, late in the evening or early in the morning. Given some discomfort for passengers, airlines make a discount.

When is the cheapest time to fly to Europe?

In summer, tickets to Europe will cost an order of magnitude more. During the vacation season there is a huge demand for tickets, so the price is much higher.

But if you fly to Europe in the spring and fall you can see how much cheaper airline tickets will cost. In the off season you can save a lot of money on flights.

But if you still decided to fly in the summer in Croatia, Montenegro, Bulgaria, Cyprus, then buy tickets about 3 months before departure. That is, if your vacation is in June, then in March it’s already worth buying tickets.

Advantageous airfare for credit card holders

Some banks offer credit card holders great deals on business class airline tickets. Ask your bank representatives about such benefits. Banks make agreements with well-known airlines to offer customers bonus programs.

From which countries is it cheapest to continue traveling in Europe?

Direct flights from one point to another are certainly convenient. But if you make at least one connection in one of the European countries, the trip is a couple of times cheaper. What are the best countries to fly from further across Europe:

– Lithuania. Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, can be a great first stop on your itinerary for onward travel in Europe. From this city, many airlines offer pretty cheap tickets to many European countries.

– Finland. Helsinki is ready to surprise you with cheaper tickets to the whole Europe.  At the same time you can visit an interesting northern country.

– Poland. Flights from Warsaw and Krakow to other European countries have affordable prices and allow good savings while traveling.

– Moldova. Flights from Chisinau will please travelers who want to save on airfare. Many popular low-cost airlines fly through this country.


Business class tickets for a trip to Europe are becoming very affordable for every traveler thanks to small tricks at the time of purchase. Spend less on airline tickets and save money to spend on new experiences and emotions.


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