When Food Bloggers and Influencers Meet “Grace Jerk”, the Result is Magic!

SOUTH FLORIDA – An exclusive Influencer’s Tasting Table event took place at the Pro Kitchen Hub in Sunrise, Florida. This highly anticipated gathering brought together notable guests of esteemed influencer food bloggers, television and radio personalities, celebrity chefs, and socialites. Guests Included from Jamaica Maxine Hogarth-Spence, Kamila McDonald, renowned local family and matrimonial attorney Natasha Mayne, Loretta Barsotti, Alison Higgins, ABC Local 10 News Anchor, Alexis Frazier, Eddy Edwards, Bridget Edwards, and Chef Abdul, among others. Hosted by award-winning chef and James Beard fellow Vicky Colas, who showcased an exquisite culinary experience centered around the theme “Easy with Grace Jerk,” capturing the essence of Jamaican cuisine’s bold and flavorful character.

Influencers @CheyennetheBlogger & @GoodEatsOnlyyy

Mouthwatering Menu

The tasting table featured an impressive menu curated by the talented Chef Colas, known for her innovative approach to Caribbean cuisine. Attendees were treated to an array of mouthwatering dishes, each meticulously crafted to embody the essence of Grace Jerk.

The menu highlighted the tantalizing Stir Fry Callaloo with Fried Dumplings, the delectable Crab-less Heart of Palm Cake, and the spicy Jerk Chicken Gumbo. Guests also savored the delightful Grilled Salmon Bites, the succulent Jerk Lollipop Chicken Drumettes, and the irresistible Sorrel Jerk BBQ Baby Back Ribs.


Palate Cleansers

Guests enjoyed refreshing and invigorating palate cleansers created by Grace’s Tropical Rhythms to cleanse their palates between courses. The culinary journey culminated with the grand finale of Coconut Bread Pudding. Plus, Basil Avocado Mousse, complemented by expertly crafted cocktails. Attendees indulged in the tropical flavors of Tropical Rum Punch Runners and Coconut Water Rum Coolers. Each dish was perfectly paired with a carefully selected wine, elevating the overall dining experience.

Quick-Fire Challenge

An impromptu Influencer’s Quick-Fire Challenge took place, adding excitement to the event. Under the directions of Chef Vicky and Chef Irie – Food bloggers, local radio and television personalities, and other well-known influencers from South Florida enthusiastically participated in this captivating competition. The challenge showcased the guests’ culinary prowess as they demonstrated their skills and creativity under time pressure.

Sandy Roberts, Hazel Maragh, Eddy Edwards

“Our team worked exclusively to bring the taste of Grace Jerk to new audiences. Many food enthusiasts love to eat authentic island foods, inclusive of Jerk but don’t know how to make them on their own. Our job was to show them that you can jerk anything, and that Grace Jerk makes it easy to create your own authentic jerk dishes at home.”…. Kimberley Lue Lim, Global Category Manager, Grace Foods.

Gastronomic Excellence

Alison Higgins, Kamila McDonald, Natasha Mayne, Maxine Hogarth-Spence

The exclusive Influencer’s Tasting Table event proved to be a remarkable success. It ignited the taste buds and captivating the hearts of all attendees. In addition, it celebrated the rich flavors of Jamaican cuisine. Plus, fostered connections among influential personalities in the food and media industry.

With Chef Vicky Colas‘ culinary expertise and the exceptional offerings from Grace Jerk, this event set a new benchmark for gastronomic excellence.


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