What You Should Draw On Location When Traveling

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For a long time, people thought of art as something that should exclusively be done in the studio. However, that’s simply not true – you don’t necessarily need a dedicated space to draw or paint. There are a lot of times and places other than your studio where you can draw, and one of them is on long trips. Drawing on location is quite meaningful because you get to capture a personal view of what you saw. More importantly, you can perceive the world around you differently by drawing or sketching landscapes or free drawing. Nevertheless, drawing or sketching when traveling on location can be challenging due to unexpected factors like weather, crowds, and timing. Here are a few lessons on choosing what to draw and making it less difficult to do so, regardless of the environment.

Outline First

When you are drawing on location, start by outlining the object using a pencil. And, remember, it doesn’t have to be perfect. You are drawing using a pencil, so if something looks off, you can always draw over it.

The idea is to capture the landmark or subject in your own style and have fun doing it. In fact, you could start the outline even before you arrive at the location using an image as a reference to get a head start.

Once you have the basic frame done, you can put your pen drawings techniques to practice. Don’t forget to add some text to capture the place, date, and sounds around you. Furthermore, you could paste things around your sketch, like a leaf, a ticket stub, restaurant bills, or bits of pamphlets.

Don’t Go Big or Go Home

One tip when drawing on location is never to feel pressured to draw an integrated or large drawing. For instance, you are looking at a cozy countryside alleyway, and you are confused about how to fit it into a page. Well, you don’t have to draw the entire thing.

Instead, you could draw a part of it that stands out the most. Perhaps the tiny cottage, or a corner shop, you decide on. Think about all the details of your travels and how many of them are lost to time. This is an excellent way to remember the minutiae. It is best to make this type of drawing while you are in the place or as soon as you reach home, while the specifics remain fresh in your mind.

Don’t Be Limited

You shouldn’t limit drawing scenery or a live model or landscape in real detail. Consider approaching a
drawing with creative freedom and perhaps going beyond what is in front of you at the moment when
sketching or working on the drawing.

For instance, sketch a map of the place you are visiting. This is also a brilliant way to put together your travel itinerary—add in details about the stops or detours you should make along the way. You could also try sketching or painting pictures of the different dishes and drinks you tried on vacation.

Keep it Simple

When you are drawing on location when traveling, it is ideal for keeping the sketches simple. Use a pencil to create the outline and then a pen to add in the details. Additionally, you can use a few different colors to add life to the sketch.

For instance, color the most prominent bits —the green tree, red bricks, and the yellow sundress. This will help you save time while capturing the essence of the place. You can make your drawings more vibrant once you are back home and have access to all the tools in your studio.

Have Fun and Focus on the Process

Even if you fail to draw exactly what’s there in front of you, know that it’s absolutely fine. You should
focus on experimenting with colors and shapes and finding the right tools to make drawing on location while traveling easy.

Additionally, you don’t have to stick to what people commonly draw or sketch during vacations. Think out of the box and create anything you want. Furthermore, if you want to add a bit more creativity to your sketches, consider speaking with locals about the location and asking them about the local monuments. They might have an interesting tale to narrate that could spark your imagination.

Last but not least, never feel disheartened if your drawing doesn’t come out the way you wanted it to. Adjusting to drawing on location when traveling takes time, so be patient and keep drawing.


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