What to Do on Your Vacation to Las Vegas

What to Do on Your Vacation to Las Vegas

As a Caribbean resident, you probably don’t need to go on vacation somewhere with beautiful beaches. You’ve got plenty of them. So where else is there? More and more people are choosing to spend a weekend or week in Vegas, the gambling and entertainment capital of North America (or the world). Flight options are plentiful and affordable (and quick). That means you can be in Vegas within a few hours and will have thousands of ways to enjoy yourself.

If you like gambling, then Vegas is the place for you. But there’s so much more to the town than that. You’ve probably already played some online poker and casino games before, but nothing beats the thrill of the real tables in some of the biggest casinos in the world. If you do enjoy playing online, there are still a few options for online poker in Nevada—but in this article, we’re going to look at a number of other ways to enjoy yourself in Vegas. Let’s have a look…

Live shows

One way Las Vegas started trying to appeal to the whole family rather than just people who loved gambling is by offering some of the best live shows and music acts in the world. These include some world-famous stars like Celine Dion and Elton John, but there’s really something for everyone in Las Vegas. These include live cabaret, magic shows, comedy acts and more. These days, some people go to Vegas just to enjoy these acts and don’t really gamble much (or at all). So if you want something else to enjoy in Vegas, check out what shows are on.


The number of restaurants and food options in Las Vegas almost beat the number of gambling options. While you can find some great fine dining options, some of the best food offers in the city are at the lower end of the market. There are some of the best all-you-can-eat buffets in the world and many of them are open 24/7. You can also find fabulous burgers and international cuisine from almost every country.

Because casinos want to get people in through the door and gambling, many of the restaurants in Las Vegas are much more affordable than equivalent dining options else. Not only that, but if you gamble enough, you might get your meals “comped”—or given to you for free!

Theme parks

If you’d rather the thrill of a big roller coaster than a roulette wheel, then you’ll be able to find what you’ve been looking for in Las Vegas. There are a range of different theme parks to suit the whole family. Just make sure you didn’t fill up at the buffet just before your visit!

Grand Canyon

Las Vegas isn’t far from one of the most famous natural attractions in the world, The Grand Canyon National Park. As with anything towards the west coast, it’s not a short drive—but thankfully there are other options. There are tons of different helicopter and light aircraft experiences that take off from Vegas every day and give you some of the best views of the Grand Canyon. Some of these only take a few hours total.

There’s more to Vegas than gambling. Hopefully you’ve found something you can enjoy, too.

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