What Are The Best PS1 Games Of All Time

What Are The Best PS1 Games Of All Time

If you compare PlayStation 1 with the PlayStation Classic, it is a bit smaller but more powerful variant created by Sony. Nowadays, we use emulators to play PS1 games on our portativ devices like tablets, smartphones, or laptops.

Let’s make a list of the best ps1 roms which you can download on your PC and play when you have a bit of free time. It is a big challenge because there are so many excellent titles to choose from. PlayStation console has a prestigious history and considered to be the birthplace for many stunning franchises and game-changing IPs. You can download horror, action, stealth PS1 games out there to answer the call. It is not easy to narrow the best PS1 games picks down, but we do believe that we succeeded in capturing the best titles that the PlayStation console has to offer.

What Are the Best PS1 Titles?

What Are The Best PS1 Games Of All TimeTwisted Metal 3

Many drivers are dreaming of mounting machine guns on them. They dream of wreaking havoc on other motor vehicles, violently and not being judged. Twisted Metal 3 is a retro game that can fulfill your secret dream. Twisted Metal 3 wrapped it all up in a straitjacket. The game developer managed to set it on fire and make a giant ball of flaming absurdity. You will find the extreme demolition-derby aspects very satisfying. You will like the settings of battles as well as the disturbing character portrayals in the entire game concept. Sony could reveal a sadist inside of all of us. The game went viral.

What Are The Best PS1 Games Of All Time
Resident Evil 2

The original version of the Resident Evil game was a standout in its own right. You will agree that the game contained many flaws that kept it from being truly great. Capcom understood the mistake very fast and presented the second edition of Resident Evil 2. The game is superior to the first one in absolutely all aspects. The game is all about gore, horror, puzzles, developed main characters, and a lot of anxiety to survive or destroy everything in sight. All the elements of the game were perfected essentially.

What Are The Best PS1 Games Of All Time
Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2

The famous game called “Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2” succeeded in combining two of the coolest things in the world of young people – skateboarding and games. This creation is real gaming gold. This video gaming classic blew the mind of the past and even current gamers. The size of every game level gets increased. You will create a unique custom skater and build a skate park.

What Are The Best PS1 Games Of All Time
Metal Gear Solid

Sony PlayStation created one of the most challenging games named “Metal Gear Solid.” The game demanded so much from its players. Are you ready to learn how to stop mashing on the controllers, such as mindless sitcom actors, within a couple of seconds? The game’s graphics and sound effects are amazing. If you know how to use the controls, you will be much more careful sneaking and quiet killing. Prepare yourself to meet with a swift and crushing defeat. Metal Gear Solid delivered us a thrilling interactive gaming experience. Undoubtedly, the game was the next evolution in gaming history.

What Are The Best PS1 Games Of All Time
Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

Once an experienced gamer hears the Castlevania name, all the thoughts go directly to Symphony of the Night. The game is amazing. You should definitely download the ROM and play this classic. It does not need the presentation. The game is considered one of the best games of not only the PlayStation era but of all time.

What Are The Best PS1 Games Of All Time

Colony Wars is a game that represented the entrance of Sony into the space sim genre. The scenarios presented here succeeded in breaking much new ground. You will have to go through a lot of challenging missions and be busy with combat. Colony Wars harnesses technical limitations to give you players a highly focused adventure. You should try this highly replayable shooter and make the most of the PlayStation experience.

What Are The Best PS1 Games Of All Time


There are so many games in the library of Sony PlayStation to explore. You can start with our list of recommendations, and then continue your own research. You will discover an entirely new world of old-school gaming. Enjoy!

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