What Are The Benefits Of Cross-Platform App Development?

cross-platform app development

Cross-platform application development is a type of app development technique that is used to build applications that can be run across multiple operating systems. Traditionally, any application developed is built for a specific platform only, for instance, a native app will be built separately for Android and separately for iOS. However, cross-platform app development gives flexibility and allows the development of an application that can be exported for different operating systems, meaning that a single application can work across multiple operating systems.

Although a native mobile application i.e an application built specifically for an operating system such as Android has its own advantages such as high performance, robust functionality, and top-notch user experience, a cross-platform mobile app is better in the way that it is designed to be compatible with multiple operating systems. Cross-platform apps provide an easy way for maintenance, making changes, and adding new features. 

In the past couple of years, cross-platform mobile development has taken major strides. Today, we will be discussing some of the benefits of cross-platform app development and why many developers across the globe are using it:

Same Code Can Be Used For Multiple Platforms

Instead of writing fresh code from scratch for every platform, developers can use the same code for multiple platforms because of cross-platform app development. This not only cuts down on costs because writing a source code from scratch is an expensive task but it also cuts down on repetitive tasks. These things are liked by the developers and they love it when they can implement the same source code across multiple platforms. 

This practice of reusing the codes has been in the software development industry for a long time because of its benefits.

Faster Time To The Market

Cross-platform app development allows developers to publish their app in a faster time. Since there is no need to write a different code and develop a different application for different platforms, developers can develop a single application that can be used across multiple platforms and publish the application on multiple app stores and even on alternative app stores like TapTap in no time.

Cross-platform app development allows developers to publish their app as soon as they complete the development since the same app will run across Android, iOS, and Windows. The development speed is increased and the app reaches the market sooner than before. Instead of spending time working on codes, developers can focus on the marketing of the application.

Same Experience On Every Device

Cross-Platform mobile development has another reason that users across different platforms get the same experience regardless of their device and operation. Whether it is an iPhone, an Android tablet, or a Windows laptop, the experience is the same for users across all the platforms. Cross-platform app development provides an easy solution for developers to achieve uniform customer satisfaction.

Lower Upfront Costs

App development is costly and expensive. Hiring app developers for different platforms and having them create a separate app for each platform is further expensive. Cross-platform app development helps businesses in this regard by decreasing the upfront costs. It provides a cost-effective method by which businesses can get their apps to build for multiple platforms at much lower costs, says Slava Vaniukov, expert and CEO of Softermii.

Access To A Wider Market

When an app is created for a single platform such as Windows, Android, or iOS only then the app can only be accessed by a limited audience only whereas when an app is developed that can be used across multiple platforms then the app is able to reach a wider audience and market. 

Applications that are built to be used across multiple platforms have a higher reach than those that are developed for a single platform only. For example, a PC-only application like Auto Clicker can be accessed by PC users only whereas a web browser like Opera can be accessed by both mobile and PC users.

Easy Implementation

There are different technologies and programs available that offer cross-platform development solutions to developers, allowing for easier implementation across various platforms. We have different programs like PhoneGap, Appcelerator, etc that allow easy app development using JavaScript. A code written in Javascript can be converted for different platforms including Android, iOS, Windows, etc.

These programs make it easier for developers to build an application and synchronize changes and updates across all the platforms.

Easy App Maintenance

Developing an app is a much easier job than maintaining the app, fixing bugs, and making improvements to the app. If separate apps are built for separate platforms then fixing bugs, adding new features, and making improvements to multiple applications is an expensive and time-consuming process that isn’t feasible, not until you are some huge app publisher.

With cross-platform app development, developers have to focus on a single code only. Whether it is fixing bugs, adding new features, or making improvements to the app, with cross-platform app development, app maintenance and upgradation becomes an easy thing for the developers.


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