Wanna Feel Like James Bond; Come Escape Room SF

Wanna Feel Like James Bond; Come Escape Room SF

The time has come to join Escape Room SF. We all are adventurous and we have to live it.

Do you want to know the hidden “James Bond” within you in Escape Room SF? Yes, this is true; Escape Room SF is giving the exciting chance to feel like world’s most famous and loved spy. Here you can discover clues, solve puzzles and escape the room; moreover you will feel real-life thrilling adventure at this place. It can be said that this is right place for family gathering and spending quality time with friends. So, keep your office aside and hold the steering on the way to Escape Room. No matter what is your age; just come here and rock the event.

If we look at us seriously we often find ourselves in searching a way to feel cool at some moment but we hardly have it. For that happiness we spend time in watching TV or move to the Big Screens or waste our time in roaming in the malls, but we never find satisfaction, we always miss something. Escape Games is the only way by which you can fulfil our satisfaction and make us feel in a different way. We work there physically, communicate more and more with each other and live in a real-life not in virtual-life, and this gives us immense pleasure.

Some Surprises From escape games

Wanna Feel Like James Bond; Come Escape Room SF

Now let’s come and discuss how escape games surprises us. The adventure games which we play there are full of thrill and excitement. Players are given only 60 minutes for this real-life adventure. They are sent into a room where they get some clues and hints for solving the puzzles. They follow the different-different strategies and ideas for completing the task. Similarly like spy movies Participants’ mind are blown as body runs faster than mind by playing the game, while hands and hearts get shocked as the time go faster minute-by-minute. After completing the escape room challenge, they were allowed to take a group picture of everyone. If you are looking for a great gift idea, get this picture made into a canvas print at Personalized by Kate.

The Toy Box Escape Room and Prison Break Escape Room

Escape Games has arranged some breathtaking rooms like ‘The Toy Box Escape Room and Prison Break Escape Room’ at the place. The Toy Box Escape Room is small and kids (More than 12 years) participate in this adventure activity. Here they enjoy a lot as they have to force their minds to be cleverer. This experience is like magic because puzzles depend on clues and finding clues is not an easy task. In The Prison Break Escape Room participants are thrown in jail for a crime which they may or may not have committed. During this game their minds get puzzled and they try to use sources remain in the jail and use their full mind-power to escape the room.

The Ritual Room From Escape Room SF

Wanna Feel Like James Bond; Come Escape Room SF

Apart these two rooms the company has planned The Ritual Room. This room is full of horror and scary. Here participants get stones marked with unknown different languages. During the game players do not know what will happen after reading these marking. They read and get cursed. They have to face evil man and demons. At the end players have to find that evil man before the time out. Hence this is the ultimate game to get the maximum excitement.  Some of them also offer Virtual Reality Escape Rooms for converting your boring time into entertainment.

With the idea of adventure game rooms company thought some more thing. Some more things means why people spend only 60 minutes here, why not whole day. So there are added wings in it and made many arrangements for the major parties. People here can come for the lovely date, party with friends and family, corporate meetings, birthday parties and many more events. The ambiance is remarkable here and the lovely memories will be memorable till life. It is said that we should never miss a single moment of being happy. So, the escape Games is the right place people are looking for.

Benefits of playing Adventure Games

Scientists and experts say that playing adventure games should be part of our lives. It is very beneficial for us as it effect on our body and mind differently. As per experts it reduces our stress and increases our concentration. It makes our decision making power more strong. We often see and ask why many corporate CEOs viral their images of playing sports and adventure games, because there is solid reason behind it. Playing games improve our multi-tasking skills and improve our team work. Therefore major companies have started arranging picnics and games for their employees.

 For Sound body and sound mind

Wanna Feel Like James Bond; Come Escape Room SF

Playing adventure games make our body fit and it effects positively on our minds. It is said that Sound body has Sound Mind therefore we need to adopt adventure in our lives. There are many examples of patients who were paralyzed or could not move the body they also were treated by adventure games and physical exercise. Many doctors prescribe their patients to play the puzzles for improving their brain power. Similarly many ill people can be seen climbing the wall or rope.  By and large adventure games work on your whole personality and make life happy.

So Do Not Escape The Real Entertainment

The increasing interest in reality-shows and reality adventure-shows is showing that people now do not want traditional things they want something which is different and more entertaining. This is why people move towards jungles and hill stations to make their holidays memorable. These memories remain in their minds forever. A study also says that the physical gaming with friends and family boost our lives. More and more we spend time with our people, more and more our lives will be happier. It depends on us how we spend our time because time never comes back. So, don’t escape from the real entertainment and join Escape Room SF. I bet there is nothing more hair rising adventure than Escape Room SF. So, go and book one for now to have a hilarious experience with your friends.


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