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Vishwanath “Joy” Sawh Ramsawak: Celebrating The Life of  Restaurant Owner One Year After His Passing

By: Shama Harrysingh

Joy Sawh
Joy Sawh

LAUDERHILL – Families and friends of the late Vishwanath Sawh Ramsawak familiarly known as Joy gathered together to honor and celebrate  his life on the first anniversary of his death.  Prayers and devotions were offered in the name of the deceased whose legacy as an entrepreneur, family man, servant of the community and benefactor to those in need is widely lauded.

The general theme of the speakers and religious leaders was that we who are left behind can emulate Joy’s devotion to duty, love of family and community and his charity. One year after his passing the void he left in our hearts and in our daily affairs is still deeply felt.  If we live our lives as Joy did, we will not only be benefiting ourselves but we will also be honoring the rich and enduring legacy of steadfastness of purpose, business acumen, dedication and love that he has left us.

A little of the history of Joy’s Roti Delight:

Joy Sawh opened his restaurant ‘Joy’s Roti Delight’ in 1992 with his wife Sheila.  They have two children, Pradeep and Dave, and four grandchildren.

The restaurant is known as a cuisine serving a wide range of traditional Caribbean and East Indian delicacies. Joy’s is a place to obtain news of his native land Trinidad and Tobago, Guyana, Suriname and the rest of the Caribbean Islands.  It is a popular meeting place where folks catch up with others not only from South Florida but throughout the country and Canada. Joy’s Roti Delight is a must for all visitors.

Joy’s personality and warm smile made the restaurant ‘your home away from home.’  Even the kids were welcome as Joy always had a chocolate for each of them.

Continue to sleep on in the arms of your maker. We love you; we remember you and we will continue to celebrate you.



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