Virtual Caribbean Art Show Launched as a Part of a Marketing Campaign

Virtual Caribbean Art Show

[ATLANTA] – Art captures the power of the imagination and art lovers are in for a treat as Travel Advisors Selling the Caribbean (TASC) hosts a virtual showcase featuring Caribbean art. The event will be broadcast via ZOOM on Sunday January 31 @1:00 PM EST which is celebrated internationally as “Inspire Your Heart with Art Day.” All are invited.

Accomplished Caribbean Artists

The 1-hour virtual session will feature 3 accomplished Caribbean artists:

  • Guavadeartist – Antigua and Barbuda
  • Johnathan Gladding – Saint Lucia
  • Vaughn Anslyn – St. Kitts and Nevis

The artists will conduct live demonstrations of their craft and will showcase signature pieces from their art collections. They will rely on color, lines, gesture, composition and symbolism to tell their story and will use their talents to highlight the “lore” and cultural traditions of the destinations that they represent.

“Gift The Caribbean” Campaign

The art showcase is part of TASC’s educational and promotional campaign “Gift the Caribbean”. The campaign is designed to motivate travelers to begin to plan their Caribbean getaway. Travelers will  enjoy the many “gifts” that the region has to offer, including art which is a “Gift of Culture.” The FREE on-line session will also demonstrate how the power of visual imagery.  Travel professionals can leverage Caribbean Art as a destination marketing tool. It will focus on how art impacts learning and consumer behavior, with the unique ability to “say more than words.”


Throughout the pandemic, art has brought many people together to share, inspire and soothe each other. Visual storytelling has become an important tool in the destination marketing strategy. Instagram accounts are loaded daily with compelling photos of white sandy beaches, relaxing guests and sweeping vistas, as a subtle reminder of the joys of travel. Many destinations and travel brands are beginning to capitalize on the untapped pool of talented artists. This will allow them to take their storytelling to new heights of creativity and authenticity.

Art Tells a Story

“Works of art can tell a compelling story and during the pandemic, many people are using art as a way to find comfort or to show resilience. Artists in the Caribbean, like many other entrepreneurs, are struggling financially during this crisis. In our role as industry facilitators, we want to use this opportunity to support them by highlighting their creativity and talent as a key part of the tourism product We encourage everyone to visit their online stores, as this will go a long way in helping to rebuild the Caribbean economy, which is one of the most tourism-dependent regions in the world,” said Kelly Fontenelle, Founder of TASC

“The interest in various art forms has grown significantly. During the pandemic many Caribbean artists have found creative ways to produce artwork that resonates emotionally with travelers. Art also has the potential to enhance good storytelling-based marketing. It can evoke feelings which can potentially lead to increased interest, brand loyalty and ultimately, a transaction. In today’s highly competitive marketplace, art experiences can add an element of authenticity.  This helps travel professionals diversify their offerings and itineraries,” said Erica Henry-Jackman, a seasoned tourism marketer, who will moderate the session.

The ultimate goal of any destination marketing effort is to drive visitation. But with the current restrictions on travel, artists can leverage technology as a way for visitors to stay connected with a destination and keep some of its unique selling points at the forefront of their minds.



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