Urban Murals: Cities go arty

Cities are every developing. Old buildings often fall apart giving way to new and modern constructions that add to the rapidly multiplying skyline of a town.

Resident and governments have also realised the importance of green spaces in cities and new laws are being passed to keep the air free of pollution while adding green-belts near heavy traffic spots.

Many of the hippest neighbourhoods in the world attract people for their distinctiveness which could be due to art, entertainment, food, or the possibility to have an exclusive once in a lifetime experience.

Over time, a new trend has emerged across the planet that aims to beautify cities further while keeping its soul intact.

Street Art has become a medium for artists to demonstrate their talent alongside bringing colour and culture to a place.

In return, thanks to the ever-growing Instagram generation, these spots have become a tourist and hipster destination being photographed, shared, and appreciated all over the world.

Melbourne's street art - Lonely Planet travel videosNew Delhi India

The Street Art movement in India has been commendable. Even though the country’s history has its own traditional art, many find it hard to believe how openly the cities have lent their walls, literally, to breathtakingly intricate and attractive murals.

India’s capital New Delhi has been spearheading this movement. Drive around the town, and you are bound to come across various art pieces on metro stations, random walls, and particular designated areas.

The Lodhi Art District near the centre of the city is one such place where an entire colony has been handed over to street artists from across the world who have painted thought-provoking and colourful murals on a gigantic scale.

Lodhi Art District
Brussels, Belgium

Street Art in Europe is quite prominent. However, a lot of it is graffiti that speaks of political affiliations or teenage angst.

The past few years have seen a change in the way authorities have tackled this problem, and now there are individual parks and regions where graffiti artists can go and practice their skills. Belgium, on the other hand, has always been a leader when it comes to urban art.

One of the most popular activities in Brussels is following the Tintin trail which includes street murals based on the famous detective comics. For those with a keen eye, you can also spot a Space Invader installation by the French urban artist Invader on the wall next to the Manneken Pis.

Melbourne, Australia

A city that is chock-a-block full of culture, Melbourne is a must-visit destination for anyone going Down Under. You can have a fantastic time at China Town, laugh out loud during the Melbourne Comedy Festival, or indulge in some of the best culinary experiences of the world as the city is a real melting pot of distinct characteristics and nationalities.

The urban art scene is a global phenomenon.

Be it a hotel in Haiti using stunning murals to promote the local region or Hosier Lane in Melbourne that is a mecca for every street art enthusiast and artist; the world needs more walls to showcase the talent that resides in it and to create art that speaks volumes through its visual impact.

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