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Twenty-five tips for economic independence

By: Elaine Bryan

ATLANTA – Empower yourself with these inspiring tips for a successful and financially solid life.

1. Deposit kindness in the universe without expecting anything in return.

2. Build a solid foundation for your future early in life.

3. It is not necessary to walk through the minefield yourself to learn a life lesson.

4. Listen to experts and apply the advice of others who have done it before.

5. Empower yourself with positive thoughts – focus on the positive aspects of your life.

6. Do not dwell on problems, focus on solutions.

7. Give to others who are less fortunate.

8. Religious affiliations really do help to alleviate stress.

9. Be aware of scams, (especially ones online), exercise caution when engaging in business transactions.

10. Cultivate honesty and integrity in your relationships with others. Remember that time is not only a healer, it is also a revealer.

11. Learn from the financial mistakes of others, this can actually be a fast track on the road to creation of wealth.

12. Invest in yourself by taking small courses or getting more degrees etc., and always try to improve.

13. Renegotiate your mortgage and credit card payments with your lender, you would be surprised to know that you can.

14. Start small investments for children, shortly after their birth.

15. Take advantage of the current deals in the real estate market. Things are going to get better.

16. Get to know a financial planner and a solid financial institution to learn about investment portfolios.

17. It is not wise to subscribe to the get-rich-quick financial planning. Learn from the failed Ponzi schemes.

18. Secure fixed loans from direct lenders when acquiring real estate.

19. Focus on and turn to your religious faith and find something to be grateful for in your life.

20. Be responsible, not fearful – use your free will to establish yourself and your family.

21. Change spending habits – material possessions alone will not secure lasting happiness and contentment.

22. Your life situation will follow your thoughts so make your thoughts positive.

23. Compliment and encourage each other, while building solid relationships.

24. Time is money, so investing for the long run is the secret to lasting financial freedom.

25. Financial freedom is not a 100- metre sprint, it’s a marathon.

Elaine Bryan

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