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THELAR Management Group is Hosting Its 20th Anniversary Gala

SOUTH FLORIDA – The communication company, THELAR Management Group is hosting a black tie Gala on Saturday September, 24th 2022 at 6pm, at B Ocean Resort Fort Lauderdale. We invite the public to celebrate our 20 years of achievements from initially operating in Haiti to transitioning our
operations in the United States.

In addition, we will pay tribute to the co-founder and Director of THELAR, Farah Larrieux, for her 25 year-long career in communications and arts industries, as a Communication Strategist and Community Organizer.

Founded in Haiti by Farah and Pierre-Michel Theodat, the company has expanded to provide measurable results and solution-oriented communication services as a catalyst to increase visibility within minority communities, beginning with the Haitian market.

Since 2002, the company has worked with over 20 artists, promoted or produced several events, a network of over 100 Haitian media, and led field campaigns that reach out to thousands of people.

THELAR Management Group Anniversary Gala

“Our journey started in Haiti as a vision to promote Haitian artists on the international market. Twenty years later, we strive to lift up the voice of Haitians globally using the power of arts as a communication tool”, said Farah Larrieux.

“Honoring the Haitian Arts Sector” is the theme of the gala. Its goal is to connect Florida’s stakeholders to the Haitian arts sector and media personalities to stimulate collaborations that will have a long term impact on Haitians in Florida. On this occasion, the company will honor over 20 collaborators, partners and clients who have contributed to its expansion over the years.

The gala’s program includes cocktail reception, networking opportunities, dinner, cultural show,
and live performance by the legendary Haitian band “Strings”.  Tickets can be purchased on thelarmg.com or thelar20.rsvpify.com


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