The Very Best Of Sizzla in stores today (June 24)

MIRAMAR – On Tuesday, June 24 Greensleeves releases the essential Sizzla anthology, The Journey- The Very Best Of Sizzla, featuring the legendary sing-jay’s most cherished tunes, new bonus tracks, an exclusive DVD and deluxe packaging.

This musical voyage features 21 solid tracks including hits from the early ‘90s to present.

Armed with religious conviction and an unquenchable passion for truth and rights, the long-standing early ‘90s tunes “Praise Ye Jah,” “Black Woman And Child,” “Good Ways,” and “Like Mountain,” have proven to be classics. While the unforgettable hits “Just One Of Those Days” and “Thank U Mama,” from his popular album Da Real Thing (2002) produced by Bobby Digital and creative experimental tunes “Be Strong,” “Give Me A Try” and “Rise To The Occasion” produced by Don Corleon,highlight the new era of Sizzla hits.

Also Sizzla veers between infectious dancehall laced with hard-hitting social commentary and stirring expressions of black history with a profusion of producers on “Ain’t Gonna See Us Fall” (Free Willy), “The Solution” (Seani B), “Thanks And Praise” (Chris Birch), “Really And Truly” (Fat Eyes), “One Love” (King Jammys), and “Africa Prepare” (Maximum Sound).

As an added bonus, the limited edition DVD features an interview with BBC 1Xtras Robbo Ranx and unseen footage from Sizzla’s Judgment Yard home (a day in the life) shot by RETV. The insightful journey into the world of Sizzla Kalonji also goes behind the scenes at the making of Sizzla’s classic “Thank U Mama” and the “Rise To The Occasion” video-a must for all avid fans and newcomers.

Fans will also enjoy the deluxe packaging including a 12 page booklet full of liner notes that chart the history of Sizzla & additional photos shot on location in his home.

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