The Ultimate Sunday Dinner at The Grace Jamaican Jerk Festival

There is something special about getting together on a Sunday to share a meal with family and friends. Food has a magical way of bringing people together and creating unforgettable bonds.

At the Grace Jamaican Jerk Festival, we see food as a cultural connector, a shared experience that unites us all. From savory jerk chicken, tender and full of flavor, to mouthwatering jerk pork and succulent seafood, our festival offers a tantalizing journey into the heart of Jamaican culinary artistry.”

But it’s not just about the food; it’s about the laughter, the music, and the memories made as we come together to celebrate life.

At the Grace Jamaican Jerk Festival, we invite you to come connect with friends and families, as we share in the joy of good food and great company. Because there’s nothing that connects families more than food, and no place connects you to Jamaica’s heart and soul like our festival.

Join us at the Grace Jamaican Jerk Festival, where flavors, cultures, and families come together.

Don’t miss out on the ultimate Sunday Dinner!”

An All-Star Lineup of Celebrity Chefs & Music at Grace Jamaican Jerk Festival


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