The Main Reasons Why You Should Use Natural Bug Repellents

Taking into account that DEET has been linked to health problems like seizures and eye damage, while some natural repellents may include citronella, lavender, lemon eucalyptus oils, or peppermint oil the conclusion is that the best way to protect yourself from mosquitos and other bugs is to use a natural bug spray. These products usually contain no chemicals which make them safer for your skin as well as the environment. Moreover, these plant-based insecticides have also been shown in studies to be more effective than synthetic ones. This all makes for a much better product!

Natural Bug Repellents

Natural repellents are safe

The safety of synthetic bug sprays is a big concern for many people. In fact, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has deemed seven ingredients used in some synthetic insect repellents as toxic and has even issued a warning for their use in children. These include:

  • DEET is harmful when applied to the skin and sprayed on clothing
  • picaridin is mostly safe but should not be used on infants less than two months old or those who are breastfeeding. It can also cause eye irritation so extra care should be taken to avoid the eyes.
  • IR3535 is safe for most users but can cause skin reactions in people who are sensitive to it
  • It’s not recommended that metofluthrin be used around children under six years old or pregnant or breastfeeding women
  • S-Methoprene may have hormonal effects, including reduction of sperm count and motility, which could affect fertility.
  • Toxicity concerns associated with all products containing permethrin are due to the solvent propylene glycol which can pose a slight risk to the central nervous system. Although this information is provided on product labels, there are no warnings about these ingredients being toxic when used as directed on clothing items since they will not be ingested.

The EPA also does not provide these warnings because the manufacturers of the products have not submitted any data to indicate that their products could cause harm when used according to directions on the product label.

Natural bug repellents contain no such chemicals and instead use eco-friendly alternatives as active ingredients and are safe for use around everybody. In fact, there is evidence to suggest that natural repellents can actually help fight other conditions by using other forms of plant-based solutions such as neem oil which has been shown in several studies to offer extremely effective protection against mosquitoes and ticks. So keep these facts in mind when you are on the lookout for natural mosquito treatment for yard, and it will help you stay away from synthetic alternatives that can be harmful to your health. It’s also important to keep an eye out for any other harmful chemicals that could be lurking in bug sprays you already own but remember that the best way to protect your health is by opting for natural bug sprays instead.

Natural repellents are eco-friendly

Natural insect repellents do not include harsh chemicals or ingredients that pollute the environment. They use plant extracts as active ingredients instead and are therefore safer for the environment and its inhabitants. For example, neem oil has been shown to be more effective than other insecticides such as DEET at repelling mosquitos and maintaining a 96% protection rate against them after 3 hours of application. Neem oil is even effective at killing ticks while posing no threat to humans, animals, aquatic life, or bees.

Not only do natural bug sprays help you ward off pesky pests without posing any risk to your health but they also contain organic ingredients which are beneficial for many things including skincare, allergies, and even stress relief. Some brands may also use essential oils in their formulas which can help boost your mood and increase focus.

Natural alternatives are much cheaper to purchase than synthetic ones

Many natural mosquito repellents cost less than $10 per bottle while many popular insect repellents cost almost $25 for the same amount. Most natural alternatives are available in value-sized bottles to save you more money, and they can last up to four times longer than their synthetic counterparts per application.

A single bottle of natural bug spray can last up to several weeks even when used daily, depending on how frequently you apply it. This means that using natural products not only saves you money but also helps you have peace of mind for a longer period of time. You don’t have to worry if you have enough insect repellent when one bottle lasts long!

Natural bug repellents smell better

Did you know that the most common ingredient in a natural mosquito repellent is good old-fashioned lemon eucalyptus oil? It’s been used for ages as a simple and practically natural method of keeping bugs at bay, and it can be found in almost every natural mosquito repellent.

Many people do not like the earthy smell of citronella or other essential oils which is why they opt for products that use synthetic chemicals instead. However, natural insect sprays usually contain lemon eucalyptus oil as well as lavender and peppermint oil to keep the bugs away and give you a pleasant smell at the same time. You can even mix certain ingredients if you know what works best for your situation while some brands custom make their formulas according to customer preferences!

You can make your own natural repellent

The fact that you can mix and match ingredients to create a custom natural insect repellent gives you the opportunity to try out different formulas until you find one that works for your needs. This is not possible with synthetic alternatives, but there are several recipes online including on Pinterest which list all the ingredients needed and detailed instructions so you can make your own natural mosquito treatment without harmful chemicals or harsh products.

Natural bug sprays offer more options based on lifestyle and budget

While some brands specialize in certain types of natural mosquito treatment such as hand-held devices, others provide only essential oils while yet others offer a wider range of choices from liquid sprays, wipes, wristbands, necklaces, candles, and many more. You can choose whichever suits your preferences best. All brands are dedicated to offering you the best natural alternatives specifically adapted for your individual needs.

Natural Bug Repellents

We hope this article about the main advantages of using natural bug sprays over synthetic ones has helped you realize how beneficial they can be. Not only are natural insect sprays safer for you, but they also come at a lower price and smell better while offering more options depending on your preferences. We wish you all happy bug spray shopping!



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