The “First Lady Of Dancehall,” Lady Saw, Addresses Infertility On Her Latest Single “No Less Than A Woman,” Continuing To Uplift And Empower Females Worldwide

NEW YORK, NY– “Listen to my song,” proclaims Lady Saw on new single “No Less Than A Woman.” Still controversial and empowering as ever, the Grammy-award winning artist, Lady Saw, is back to take a stand and address the misconceptions and stigmas attached to infertile women in this heart-felt personal song off her upcoming VP album ‘Walk Out’.

The single exposes her vulnerabilities with a badge of honor and addresses an issue, according to The World Health Organization, that over 50-80 million people face.

Unveiling a softer side of Saw, “No Less Than A Women” shows Lady Saw in a new light. As the Queen of Dancehall, Lady Saw has contributed her fair share of risqué, sexually rampant anthems for the post feminist movement.

However her closest fans know that Saw not only delivers inspiring music as a hardcore dee-jay, but also as a beloved songstress.

Lady Saw

Lady Saw started off in the church choir and has recorded singing tunes in the past, most notably for her country hit “Give Me A Reason,” covered later by Linda Ronstadt. Also Saw did her own rendition of the theme song for the Oscar Winning Sydney Poitier’s “To Sir With Love.”

On her last album, ‘Strip Tease,’ the soft tune, “Dedicated To Mama,” was a true testimony of her devotion and love for her mother.

Now on her upcoming VP album, ‘Walk Out,’ she pours out her heart and soul with her powerful singing voice on “No Less Than A Women.” “Like my gospel songs, this song did not come to me in a dee-jay form. When you are down and out, you end up singing not dee-jaying. Depending on your mood, you deliver in a manner that best conveys that feeling,” she elaborates.

This song came to Lady Saw immediately after her second miscarriage. “I wanted to share my pain and allow my fans and all the people to understand a woman’s worth, what we go through, and the pain we endure,” expresses Saw.

Saw noticed infertility was a worldwide concern when she revisited her Manhattan doctor every three months for blood work. “I would see a whole new set of women come in with problems more serious than mine. I was like, oh my god…this is a big big universal thing! I thought…let me touch this subject because it is so personal to me and other women.”

Infertility is a word that a lot of people are ashamed to mention…Many people are so illiterate when it comes to that word that they act if it is a crime not to have a child, but I don’t think so…” stated in her introductory verse.

According to Saw, this is the general consensus of many in Jamaica, more specifically the music industry within Jamaica. “People feel if you can’t breed or get pregnant, then you must not be a real woman, but they are not God. If I keep losing these babies and I never have a child of my own, then god knows what is best. It does not change anything. I have three adopted children and still support so many more, so I have a lot of love to give,” she says.

Amongst the many titles designated to Saw’s multi-dimensional persona, Mama Saw is one of her more recent aliases. However, there are still those who challenge Saw’s titles. “A couple of singers were making remarks and insinuating…How can I be the muma of dancehall when I have no kids? I went back to write my chorus.

{Not having a child does not make me no less than a woman.
Cause I’ve got so much love to give… So much unwanted kids.
Say all you want about me. Try to ruin me reputation.
I still have got so much love to give… So much unwanted kids.}

I did not want to stoop so low when I could write a song that could be inspirational and reach out to so many suffering from similar issues as myself.

I have people from all over the world coming up and thanking me….telling me how my song has really helped them through their hardships,” she states. Making hope for the future, Lady Saw puts an end to all the misconceptions and raises more awareness on this worldwide epidemic. “Hear the words to my song,” she reiterates. “Listen to my song.”

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