The Best Spots For A Caribbean Sunset In Costa Rica

Costa RicaOne of the best things about Costa Rica is the weather. It is always beautiful, and the skies are magnificent during sunsets and sunrise. The sky turns into a brilliant hue of yellow, red, orange, pink, and many other colors during these times.

No matter where you are in Costa Rica, you can always catch a glimpse of the beautiful sky and sunset. Of course, there are a few spots in Costa Rica that will give you the best view of the sunset like no other. So, if you are looking for the best sunset spots, you are in the right place.

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Here are the top spots for a Caribbean sunset in Costa Rica.

  1. Tamarindo

Tamarindo is one of the most popular places for anyone who likes going to the beach and enjoying the waters. The main strip of Tamarindo contains bars, vendors, restaurants, and much more. However, if you want to see the sunset where there are fewer people, you can always head towards the southern Tamarindo region.

Many surfers who like surfing the waters alone are at this spot during the sunset, catching the day’s last waves. Even locals come here to this portion as the northern portion tends to get populated because of tourists. You can easily find a spot here and enjoy the best sunset of your life.

As the sun starts setting and the bright colors envelope the sky, the local open-air restaurants will begin with live entertainment for the night. You can watch the sky while enjoying great music coming from the back. It will be a sunset you will never forget.

  1. Dominical

Do you want to watch the sunset from the finest beach in Costa Rica? If you do, you must not look further than Dominical, which is in the South Puntarenas, and it is a beauty to visit in the day and night. Travelers from around the world come to this beach all year to enjoy the serenity and beauty.

You will find one of the most dramatic sunsets from this spot as the sky will turn a bright golden and take over the entire coast. Imagine strolling along the shoreline and dipping your toes in the water while watching a gorgeous sunset of your life. Your heart will fill with gratitude as you realize you are having the best time of your life.

Keep in mind that Dominical is a populated beach because of its popularity among tourists. So, if you are someone who likes complete quiet and peace, you might enjoy one of the other spots. Of course, if you go during the off-season, it is the best beach to view the sunset from as you will not find many tourists around.

  1. Playa San Juanillo

Once you begin going north of Nosara, you will find Playa San Juanillo, and most travelers don’t know about this location. It is a quaint fishing village where you will find almond trees, coconut palms, and beautiful white sand beaches like no other. The surf is also along a coral reef that takes the beauty of the beach to the next level.

You can go to Playa San Juanillo for the entire day to relax and explore while watching the sunset in the evening. If you want the best spot to watch the sunset here, you must climb the small yet hilly peninsula in the center of the beach. The small hill will give you one of the best views of the sunset that nothing will obstruct.

It is the clearest view of the sunset you will find in Costa Rica. Many locals also come here to watch the beautiful sky and the sun retreating. However, if you don’t want to climb this perch, you can watch the sunset from anywhere else here, and it will be just as beautiful.

Caribbean Sunset In Costa Rica - Manuel Antonio
Manuel Antonio
  1. Manuel Antonio

If you want to watch the sunset from a unique spot, it does not get better than Manuel Antonio. Over here, you will notice that the sea meets the mountains while significant jungles surround the hilly landscape. Because of the landscape, the sunset will be like no other you will see anywhere else in Costa Rica.

Along the hills, you will find restaurants and hotels where you can go and watch the view of the sunset. All these hotels and restaurants are in high places, which is why you will get unobstructed views of the sunset. So, you can have a delicious cocktail in your hand and watch the beautiful colors of the sky.

Manuel Antonio is for people who want to watch the sunset in an elegant manner and with comfort. Find a restaurant in any area and wait for the sun to set to witness the beauty.

  1. Santa Teresa

Finally, we have Santa Teresa, which is located in the southern region of the Nicoya Peninsula. You can only access Santa Teresa through dirt roads, which is why it is a hidden gem from where you can watch a magnificent sunset. There is barely any light pollution, and you will not find many people here, which is why you can watch the sunset in peace and tranquility.

If you are visiting Costa Rica with your significant other, this is one of the best romantic places to get the sunset view. You can spend a romantic evening in Santa Teresa and gaze at the colorful sky as you enjoy each other’s company.

Final Words 

These are the top five sunset spots in Costa Rica that you must not miss while you are there. Select any of these spots, and you will get to witness the most beautiful sunset of your life. Each place is unique and offers a one-of-a-kind sunset view.

Nature, the beaches, the landscape, and everything else give the sunsets an exquisite touch one will not find anywhere else in the world. So, find the best sunset spot and make memories of a lifetime in no time.

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