The Best Luxury Cruises in 2022

Best Luxury Cruises

Travel should be an inspiration, a way to look at the world with fresh eyes and a reinvigorated spirit. And what better way to achieve this than by booking a luxury cruise – that allows you to experience the most beautiful sights of the world in comfort and style.

1. Seychelles under the trade winds

Sails to the wind, aboard the prestigious Le Ponant cruiser, journey to discover the gorgeous uninhabited islands of the Seychelles. This itinerary will take you, accompanied by expert guides, through little-known jewels of the Indian Ocean, all with the legendary 5* service and comfort of the company.

As you feel the ocean breeze, savour treasured moments and be fully present in this romantic earthly paradise. Enjoy spending time in harmony with the elements in this unspoiled setting: scuba diving, yoga at sunrise or sunset, and meditation.

2. The fjords of Spitzbergen

Spitsbergen is an island in Norway located in the Svalbard archipelago, home to a fantastic array of bird and marine wildlife and spectacular scenery. Considered one of the rallying points for most cruises in Norway, Spitsbergen is an island in the frozen North that will allow you to cut yourself off from the world during your stay in the best possible way. A Ponant luxury cruise to Spitsbergen will take place aboard one of the luxury ships in the fleet: the Austral, the BorĂ©al, the Bellot, the Champlain, the Commandant Charcot or the Jacques Cartier. Think majestic fjords, pristine glaciers, walruses, seals – maybe even narwhals!

3. Caribbean Odyssey

From Fort-de-France to Cozumel, succumb to the charms of the Caribbean aboard a two-week cruise with PONANT. This enticing circuit from the Lesser Antilles to the Greater Antilles on Ponant’s Le Bellot offers unparalleled opportunities between white sandy beaches, azure waters, lush, tropical forests and palm-fringed bays for swimming, snorkelling and extraordinary discoveries in the beauty of the Caribbean.

First, on the itinerary, your ship will reach the charming shores of Guadeloupe. Next, you will discover the ravishing Baie des Saintes, a very popular spot for mooring, with crystal clear waters and fabulous seabeds – and your adventure will continue with many other amazing destinations.

4. Cook Islands and Society Islands

Leaving from Papeete, PAUL GAUGUIN Cruises offers a 14-day cruise to discover four beautiful South Seas archipelagos. Set sail aboard the Paul Gauguin for an unforgettable journey between nature and culture through the varied and luxuriant landscapes of the idyllic islands an

The Paul Gauguin takes longer routes allowing cruise passengers to visit islands other than the Society Islands. You will have the chance to sail towards the Marquesas Islands, the Cook Islands and the Fiji Islands.

5. Historic cities of the Baltic Sea

In northern Europe, the cities along the shores of the Baltic Sea are among the most popular cruise destinations – Lubeck, Riga, Copenhagen and Tallinn are all jewels in the crown of the Baltic. In addition, Finland, Estonia, Sweden, Denmark, the northern coastline of Germany and Russia have myriad museums, places of interest and cultural heritage in each major city on the Baltic Sea’s shores.

Widely acclaimed for their architectural treasures and authentic culture, the capitals of the Baltic offer enriching and exotic itineraries for memorable luxury cruises.



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