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The Benefits of Pruning and Trimming Outdoor Trees

Consistent care and maintenance are the basic requirements of both indoor plants or outdoor trees. However, tending to your indoor plants is much easier than maintaining outdoor trees, mainly because trimming trees takes a lot of time, effort, and precision. The added aesthetic appeal is not the only benefit of trimming and pruning outdoor trees. Whether you like to tend to your trees yourself or hire professional help, it is essential to take care of your trees regularly to protect your family’s health and improve the look of your house. Here are some benefits you might not know about pruning and trimming your outdoor trees.

Benefits of Pruning and Trimming Outdoor Trees

Difference Between Pruning and Trimming

First, we need to know the difference between pruning and trimming. Pruning is the act of removing dead, infected, or loose branches or stems from a plant. Trimming is when you are cutting overgrown branches from a plant, and they could be healthy branches. Both terms are typically used interchangeably, which is something that is not accurate.

Plant Growth

A tree that has overgrown branches and leaves adds weight to the tree that will hinder its growth and make the tree lose its shape. Contradictory to popular belief, pruning and trimming branches and shrubbery improve the health and strength of plants. To ensure that your tree will grow properly and flourish in the long run, regular maintenance must be done.  Pruning and trimming is one way of helping the tree maintain its health. After being trimmed or pruned, the tree will focus on growing healthy branches and provide evenly distributed nutrients to the entire tree.

Insects and Pests Management

Insects and pests come hand-to-hand with greenery. Some insects are beneficial to the plants while others can become a nuisance if left unchecked and will eventually cause serious problems for both your plants and your home. Insects may not automatically kill your trees, but the California-based professionals at A&J Tree Service warn that insects can compromise the tree’s integrity and strength, which can lead to falling branches. In addition to that, insects and pests can carry diseases and spread them either to other trees or humans. The insects or pests nesting in your trees can enter your home if it is too close to the trees, leading to a pest infestation that will be a nightmare to get rid of.

Protection for Your Family and Property

The safety of your family must come first. Dead or diseased branches can cause serious damage or injuries to your family and your property. These branches can fall at any minute which poses a dangerous threat to anyone underneath them. Clearing the entrance and sidewalk of any branches will ensure that no one is cut from them. When there is a storm or the wind is strong, any weak branches can break and fly, causing hurt to anyone or damage to your home. Overgrown branches are a hazard too if they touch electricity lines or are rubbing against your house’s roof.

Having a Better View

Trimming and pruning your outdoor trees regularly keeps the view of your home aesthetically pleasing to you and passersby. In this case, you improve your residence’s and neighborhood’s view all at the same time. If you overlook a natural view and your trees are blocking that view, maintaining your trees will ensure that you enjoy this view anytime you want. If you own a restaurant or have a natural view such as a lake or a fountain, you need to trim down your trees to allow potential clients to see your restaurant or natural view.

Better Sun and Air Exposure

We all know that sunlight is the plants’ main requirement to grow and flourish. If the tree has thick overgrown branches, it can prevent sun rays from reaching every part of the tree and can restrict its growth. While sitting in the shade protects us from being burnt by the sun, we need exposure to the sun for our physical and mental health. In summer, overgrown branches can stop the wind from entering your house or backyard, then you won’t be able to enjoy the summer breeze when you need it the most.

Benefits of Pruning and Trimming Outdoor Trees

Outdoor trees can improve your mood if you keep them well-maintained all year round, but while this is a huge benefit of pruning and trimming your trees, it is not the only one. Keeping your trees healthy will ensure that they grow properly and minimize the probability of accidents. Protect your family and house from the various hazards of unmaintained trees and unwelcome guests in the form of insects and pests by hiring a professional or tending to your plants yourself. Regular care will prevent any accidents or health issues and help you save money as well since you won’t have to spend a small fortune on fixing the damages done by your trees.


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