Tarrus Riley Shows His Lion Paw

KINGSTON, Jamaica – Tarrus Riley has recently released the video for his latest song Lion Paw LIVE. The video for Lion Paw LIVE was recorded in front of a live audience at the historical Ward Theatre located in Downtown Kingston and the Courtleigh Auditorium in New Kingston.

The Lion Paw LIVE video features one of the best combinations of instrumentalists and musicians to ever appear on a video in Jamaica’s recent musical history. The ensemble features Oral Brown (Drums), Glen Brownie (Bass), Phillip James (keyboards), Mitchum “Klan” Chin (Guitar), Dean Fraser (percussion), Alvin Haughton (percussion) and Paul “Scoobie” Smith of Rootz Underground (keyboards).

Tarrus Riley

According to Rastafari doctrine the lion paw is a symbol of strength and protection. The symbol is one that fits Tarrus Riley perfectly, as throughout his career he has sought, through his music, to give guidance and strength to his fans with lyrics steeped in Rastafari consciousness and philosophy. The track, Lion Paw LIVE, seeks to give strength to all ‘trodding’ on the journey and teaches that no evil can do you harm “cause dem caan squeeze mi lion paw”.

Lion Paw LIVE is the fourth video to come off Riley’s sophomore album Parables, which was produced by Dean Fraser of Canon Productions and released by VP records in October 2006. This video follows Stay With You, Beware and the number one hit She’s Royal.

The Lion Paw LIVE video reinforces the difference that Tarrus Riley brings to the reggae music industry. The video demonstrates master musicianship and has the look and feel of a live Tarrus Riley performance.

Tarrus Riley envisioned the idea for the video, as he was frustrated with the type of videos that the people were being exposed to.

“I wanted to give the people the feeling that I am right there with them in the struggle giving them inspiration.” – Tarrus Riley

Tarrus Riley’s fourth video, Lion Paw LIVE, directed by Martei Korley, edited by ‘I am the Kritik’ and shot by Gareth Daley and Asha is presently being aired on local and international TV.

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