Taking Stock LIVE – US/Jamaican Firm Targets Affordable Housing

Investment firm Blue Mahoe Capital has purchased an almost two percent stake in KLE Group. What was the rationale behind this move? We’ll discuss with Chairman and CEO of Blue Mahoe Holdings, David Mullings. And THE ANALYSTS weigh in on the latest market developments…

The Musson Jamaica conglomerate is to acquire $1 billion worth of additional shares in Seprod. What implications will this have for investors? The Bank of Jamaica is planning to introduce an electronic know your customer (e-KYC) database later this year And young market investors are increasing as a results of several initiatives championed by the Jamaica Stock Exchange.

Key Facts on Blue Mahoe Capital

• Blue Mahoe Holdings Inc able to take commitments from general public in US right now and plans to list on the NASDAQ before year-end
• KLE Group right now is more focused on Bessa
• We will launch a Caribbean property fund targeting the diaspora
• We will scale our US property fund and list on the Jamaica Stock Exchange
• We will launch additional actively managed funds to list on the Jamaica’s stock exchange

Investing in Jamaica, Blue Mahoe Holdings Buys into KLE Group Ltd.

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