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Tackling Travel Podcast Celebrates One Year Anniversary

Tackling Travel Podcast Celebrates One Year Anniversary
Despite Pandemic Woes, Tackling Travel Podcast Keeps Up the Morale, Completes a Glorious First Year

[ATLANTA] – The Tackling Travel podcast, started by avid veteran travelers Nicole Barrett (@nicolesbarrett) and Kelly Fontenelle (@caribbeantravelexpert) is celebrating its first anniversary this week. The podcast, which began as a simple phone call from Nicole to Kelly, has become a favorite stream for travelers who aren’t able to venture out as usual during the pandemic. A successful year means the podcast has lived up to its promise, bringing fresh reports, news and conversations on destinations as well as travel related topics.

The last two years have been apocalyptic for the world tourism industry. As veterans, Nicole and Kelly could feel the gloom and doom, and felt the urge to share some positive news and keep up the spirits. After all, there is a ray of hope and once it is safe to travel, it will be business as usual. Since then, it has been a year of great experiences talking to fellow travelers.

I have enjoyed recording the Tackling Travel podcast and it has taken on a life of its own. I am excited for where it will take us, our travel stories, and our listeners,” says Nicole.

The podcast has been like a breath of fresh air, as just talking about travel gives me that high. We tackle lots of topics and bring our experience and everyday life in our conversations,” said Kelly.

The duo’s travel experiences differ a lot, but are authentic stories captured while on the journey with their partners, families and other groups. On the podcast, it all takes the form of casual and light conversations that are engrossing and easy to follow.

Among their latest podcast episodes, there is one about the Cultural Experiences in St. Lucia. This was a route less traveled and the travelers brought back local colors and lots of raw experiences. Another recent episode was devoted to Women in Travel, during the Women’s History Month.

Benefit of Travel Advisors

Both Nicole and Kelly are advocates for Travel Advisors. During the COVID pandemic, both have urged fellow travelers to consult travel advisors to get informed views. The podcasts too have been recorded over Zoom over the year. So far, Tackling Travel has done 17 episodes and many more are in queue.

The Tackling Travel podcast can be found on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify and wherever you listen to podcasts. You can also follow them on Instagram @tacklingtravelpodcast.


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