Longtime Colleagues Team Up to Launch Travel Podcast- Tackling Travel

Longtime Colleagues Nicole Barrett and Kelly Fontenelle  Team Up to Launch Travel Podcast- Tackling Travel
Nicole Barrett and Kelly Fontenelle

ATLANTA – When seasoned travel executives get together to discuss their favorite pastime, it often sparks debate about the push-pull of people wanting to see the world, while also wanting to stay safe.

“Tackling Travel” is a new travel podcast, produced for today’s avid travelers. The hosts, Kelly Fontenelle and Nicole Barrett,  both veterans in the travel industry, will discuss a range of issues including how COVID-19 has affected the world’s favorite destinations and the industry as a whole. As destinations begin to reopen, the COVID-19 outbreak will undoubtedly change how we think and act when it comes to travel, at least in the short term.

This dynamic duo will team up to share insights and explore key issues in the industry such as “what the upcoming travel season might look like in 2021?”  In recent times, changes in safety protocols and guests’ expectations, have precipitated much uncertainty, generating more questions than answers; yet the desire to travel is not likely to go away.

Each new episode of “Tackling Travel” will highlight specific travel products, destinations and guests and will reveal hidden secrets, and insider perspectives about “not to be missed” attractions, food and other must dos.  The discussions will center on how destinations are handling the recovery process and how the overall travel landscape might change in the future. The hosts will interview a varied group of travel experts in both the private and public sector including government officials, tour operators, airline executives, hospitality managers and service providers.

“This has been a challenging time for all stakeholders in the travel industry. So this new podcast will be a real celebration of some of the leading destinations and what makes them so unique, alongside an honest and helpful assessment of how COVID has impacted them,” said Kelly Fontenelle.

“This podcast will give us an opportunity to work with some of the world’s finest travel voices and get the inside story from them about the destinations that they love. We will also discuss some of the emerging trends and ‘hot button’ issues to ensure that we keep our fingers on the pulse of travel,” said Nicole Barrett.

New episodes of “Tackling Travel” will be released every two weeks and are available from Apple and Spotify at



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