St.Kitts Soca Group d’Vybz releases hot new album

Basseterre, St.Kitts – St.Kitts hot soca group d’Vybz blazed onto the soca music scene just 3 carnivals ago and despite many challenges the group has managed to produce the top album for St.Kitts-Nevis carnival 2008/09.

Led by the vibrant,exciting and talented soca diva Shakki the band has once again produced a critically acclaimed album. The band released, “Doing it Right” on December 23rd and provided St.Kitts and Caribbean soca music lovers with an excellent Christmas gift and perfect soundtrack for St.Kitts-Nevis carnival 2008/09.

The 7 member musical force took over the popular “National Showcase” radio show with music legend and now radio announcer Mick Stokes on ZIZ radio. Stokes was thoroughly impressed with the album and declared that this was an album what will put St.Kitts music back on the musical map like his own band the Ellie Matt and the GI’s Brass did back in the 70’s and 80’s. Fans flooded the phone lines as they called in and expressed their excitement and satisfaction with the album and congratulated the band on putting ot such a high quality music product.

d’Vybz 2009 CD “Doing it Right.

The 8 track album features productions by band keyboardist and drum programmer Gavin Charles who worked on 5 of the 8 tracks while Vocalists Clement Percival produced two of the tracks and the remaining production credits go to band founder Steve Steba Dublin of slindub productions and songwriter Paul Martin.

“Doing it right” boasts 8 blazing tracks including the already pre-released “Like Doves” as well as Having a Ball, Doing it Right and Get On So . Other very popular tunes on the album are “I found a woman”, Bouncing Train and De Anthem which features bassman Chad “Suckie” Benjamin in the vocals.

The band also revealed that there very first music video is in the works and is expected for a release Pre- Summer 2009 release.

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