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South Florida’s Eastern Financial Florida Credit Union raises more than $11,000 for Haiti relief

MIRAMAR – Eastern Financial Florida Credit Union announced that it has raised $11, 441 for the year to help starving families in Haiti who were victimized in the spring by a food shortage and later in the summer by several deadly hurricanes and tropical storms.

Eastern Financial started its “Help Haiti Now” campaign in response to the food shortage and raised more than $5,000. “Help Haiti—Again” was launched for the month of October to raise money for hurricane relief. Donations came from Eastern Financial employees and members of the credit union.

“We know that Haiti has a tremendous amount of need, but we are pleased to say that with our local efforts we were able to feed nearly 1,000 poor families for one month.” Holmes noted that a number of credit union employees and members have family ties in Haiti.

Eastern Financial collected money and turned it over to Food for the Poor, a South Florida-based humanitarian organization that spends 96% of all donations directly on the people who need it.

“Our deepest gratitude to Eastern Financial and their members for their generous humanitarian effort,” said Angel Aloma, executive director of Food For The Poor. “Too often, people turn a blind eye to those trapped in the vicious cycle of poverty, but not Eastern Financial. Because of their campaign, hundreds of starving children in Haiti are going to bed with full bellies. But sadly, the food crisis continues and many families still struggle to survive. I pray that others will follow the example of Eastern Financial and help us save more lives.”

Food For The Poor feeds millions of destitute children and their families in Haiti. Through its expansive networks of island-wide distribution hubs, the non-profit supports thousands of partners feeding the poorest of the poor. Together with its donors and missionaries, Food For The Poor continues to fight the battle against starvation in Haiti. Food For The Poor has been serving those in need for more than 25 years and all donations to the nonprofit agency are tax deductible.

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