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Sofos Jamaica Installs Photovoltaic Systems For Grenlec In Grenada

Kingston Jamaica – Sofos Jamaica, a subsidiary of Spain-based Sofos Energy, has completed the installation of several photovoltaic systems for utility company Grenlec in several locations of the Caribbean island of Grenada.

With a total combined capacity of 1 MW. Sofos installed a photovoltaic system covering the solar carport at Grenlec’s headquarters, another on the roof of Queen’s Park Power Station, another on the outskirts of the station and a ground mounted photovoltaic system on a site at Plains Parcel.

Sofos has carried out the design and engineering and fully customized each plant, taking into account the characteristics of existing covered areas, parking lots and customer requirements for this project.

The plants together used a total of 2,976 polycrystalline panels of 315W each, and a total of 34 inverters of varying ouput (8 kW, 15 kW, 20 kW and 25 kW).

The Grenlec project is one of the most emblematic that Sofos has executed in the Caribbean due to its uniqueness in the variety of systems utilized, demonstrating the capacity, versatility and experience of the company and its engineers to carry out all types of photovoltaic systems, whether mounted on the rooftops, covering  parking lots or on the ground.

This project is also a step forward for Sofos in its internationalization process.

From Jamaica, Sofos is serving the entire Caribbean region and in the coming years  plans to implement a number of additional projects in islands that include Grenada, St Lucia and Aruba, among others.

This project marks Sofos’ first set of photovoltaic installations in Grenada.

The plant installed at Grenlec headquarters car park has an output of 168 kW AC / 196.56 kW DC. With this system, Grenada Utility Company generates power and at the same time provides shade for staff vehicles.

Grenlec main office
Grenlec main office

The second Grenlec installation is a photovoltaic system of 118 kW  AC / 132.3 kW DC on the roof of Queen’s Park Power Station. Sofos also executed a ground-based installation on a hillside surrounding the complex with 225 kW AC / 268.38 kW DC.

The last installation of the Grenlec project was built in Plains Parcel as a fixed ground installation of 280 kW AC / 340 kW DC capacity, with a 10 degree inclined structure.

All of Grenlec’s solar pv systems will supply energy to the grid, directly reduces the consumption of fossil fuels, the most common fuel source utilized to produce power in Grenada.

Grenlec Queen's Park Power Station
Grenlec Queen’s Park Power Station

Sofos provides turnkey photovoltaic systems, providing the appropriate racking system for each type of installation. Rooftop systems feature anchoring and insulation systems in order to cover buildings efficiently.

Ground-based systems are fixed with galvanized piles, adapted to the topographic and geotechnical conditions of the land in each case.

For car park systems, Sofos also provides all the necessary structures, which provide shade for vehicles while supporting the  photovoltaic panels. Sofos car parks are often designed for areas with hurricane risk for high maximum speed winds and extreme weather conditions.

Sofos Energy operates in Spain, from its headquarters near Barcelona, and across the Americas, with regional offices in the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Colombia, El Salvador, Brazil and in Miami.

From its offices in Kingston, Sofos Jamaica serves the Caribbean region relying on headquarters in Spain to execute the design and engineering for its projects.

Sofos performs design and project planning and handles permit processing, as well as supplying materials and executing the construction and legalization.

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