Skerrit Bwoy Releases Debut Video for ‘Jesus Party’

[NEW YORK] –  Skerrit Bwoy has released his brand-new video for Jesus Party,  and it’s been highly anticipated since its release as the title track for his debut album “Jesus Party” Volume 1, released earlier this year. As an added bonus on the same day Skerrit Bwoy released the second Volume to his “Jesus Party” trilogy.

Sharing his experiences with faith, love and spirituality, he takes his listeners on a musical journey with his dancehall-reggae roots mixed with Christian soul, Skerrit Bwoy tries to convey the message of people coming together, from all nationalities, regions, and cultures, to celebrate the beliefs they all have.

Skerrit Bwoy Jesus Party
Skerrit Bwoy

Born in Antigua in the Caribbean, he immigrated to New York and was inspired by his family members to pursue his love of music. Known for being a DJ, Producer, and songwriter, Skerrit Bwoy has so much art to give to the world.

Memorial Gospel Fest

Straight away the music video captures the spirit and vibe of everyone and brings you straight into Skerrit Bwoy’s world of Christian EDM. Online. Skerrit Bwoy has achieved good numbers in terms of social media. Since his debut’s release Skerrit Bwoy has been consistently booked for several live events. He recently performed at the “Memorial Gospel Fest” Presented by Caribbean HD Radio. Skettit Bwoy rocked a crowd of nearly 1000 people in attendance with 11,000 online viewers.

Jesus Party the single achieved nearly 26,000 streams. It’s clear that Skerrit Bwoy is growing in the EDM world. Best of all, we can’t wait to see what he does next!

Skerrit Bwoy - Jesus Party (Official Music Video)

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