Six Things to Know Before Traveling or Honeymooning After COVID

Six Things to Know Before Traveling or Honeymooning After COVID

Did COVID-19 force you to push back your honeymoon at an all-inclusive in Curacao? Have you been putting off that dream cruise during the pandemic for safety reasons? Have you gotten a little tired of staycations?

It’s safe to say that as the world slowly returns to normal, many of us are now ready to pack our bags, hit the road, and get back to exploring the globe. But, before you travel in a post-pandemic world, there are some important things to consider. 

What to Expect When Traveling by Air

Airlines have undergone major changes during the COVID-19 pandemic. They have amped up their sanitation measures and relaxed cancellation and change policies — all good news for travelers! Our best tip is to do your research well before boarding so you can make sure you are in compliance with all rules, regulations, and safety measures.

Most airlines provide passengers with sanitation wipes upon boarding, and flight attendants use disinfectant sprays for high-touch areas. United Airlines even requires passengers to complete a self-health assessment during the check-in process. 

If you are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms or you may have come in contact with the virus within 14 days of your flight, you won’t be allowed to fly. Airlines still require face masks to be worn throughout your journey. If you don’t have one, the airline will provide you with one.

New Food and Drink Procedures

In an attempt to decrease contact between flight attendants and passengers, many airlines have new food and drink policies in place. For example, Southwest has temporarily discontinued snack and drink services onboard. Delta has recently reinstated its beverage service with single-serve cans and bottles to minimize contact and touchpoints.

Flexible Cancellation Policies Are Here to Stay

In response to the pandemic’s unpredictable nature, many airlines have adopted flexible cancellation or trip change policies. Delta, for example, has eliminated change fees through the end of September 2022. The details vary by airline, so it’s important that you conduct research before booking your trip. The new policies received a warm welcome from newlyweds who lost thousands of dollars as a result of COVID-related wedding cancelations.

What to Expect at Resorts

Sanitation is also a top priority for resorts and hotels. These facilities have put rigorous cleaning and sanitation protocols in place, along with temperature checks and contactless check-in. Some have even started to offer free COVID testing onsite. Resorts have implemented strict cleaning schedules, including hourly deep cleans of high-touch areas like luggage trolleys, vehicles, elevators, and doorknobs.

To ensure staff members stay up-to-date with best sanitation practices and safety policies, resorts have implemented mandatory COVID training. There are new procedures in place to monitor the health of guests and staff. This includes mandatory temperature checks, facemask requirements, and wellness checks for employees before their shifts begin.

What to Expect When Dining

The indoor dining and bar experience was completely upended as a result of COVID-19. To ensure compliance with indoor gathering rules and food prep safety, many resorts have transformed the traditional dining experience.

For example, many resorts offer picnic packages and outdoor dining options to encourage social distancing. Buffets are likely a thing of the past—and they won’t be returning for the foreseeable future. Restaurants have also reduced capacity and increased the time between reservations to ensure proper sanitation can take place between guests. 

Activities like horseback riding, zip lining, and other honeymoon favorites have also undergone changes — mainly as it related to capacity. Most group activities have been scaled back to parties of two, four, or six. Guests can also arrange private excursions for a romantic feel. The staff is working hard to sanitize all shared equipment and limit your contact with guests outside of your party.

Nature-Driven Destinations Soar in Popularity

Honeymooners and vacationers are flocking to nature-driven resorts and destinations post-COVID. These are appealing, because they allow for ample social distancing and limited interaction with others. The good news is there are plenty of nature-focused resorts that offer beautiful views, amazing food, and exhilarating activities like ATV riding, horseback riding, scuba diving, and snorkeling — you name it. There’s an outdoor activity for even the most adventurous honeymooners. 

Traveling post-COVID requires more research than you once did. In addition to the normal details necessary for planning a vacation – e.g., cost, amenities, location, and so forth – you have to check on health and safety practices. Fortunately, resorts and airlines are much more flexible with their cancellation and change policies, so if something does pop up, you have the flexibility to cancel or reschedule.



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