Salute to American Independence Day – Her Excellency Audrey P. Marks

To all the people of these United States of America, happy 4th of July 2020!

Two hundred and forty-four (244) years thus far into a journey set in motion when those original Thirteen (13) colonies transitioned into a new nation “born on the 4th of July,” the United States of America, whose name was first invoked in that historic Declaration of Independence, still remains a beacon of independence for the world.

I am therefore pleased to relay the greetings of Prime Minister Andrew Holness, “It is my pleasure to convey warm congratulations to the Government and people of the United States of America as you celebrate the 244th Anniversary of Independence.

Jamaica places great value on the excellent relations we share with the United States. Our two countries have continued to develop a strong and dynamic partnership at all levels. That partnership has yielded mutual benefits, fortifying the ties between our economies and peoples.

We are confident that through continued collaboration we will further strengthen trade and investment, expand security cooperation, grow our commercial relations, enhance people-to-people contacts and safeguard the health and well-being of our peoples.”

Whatever the patriotic activities befitting the occasion, we join hearts and hands with all Americans in solemn reflection of the importance of your independence, not only for Americans, but also for countless others from the world over who over the years, as a result of this ethos, have made America their home.

On behalf of the government and people of Jamaica, as Jamaica’s Ambassador to the United States of America, I want to extend my warmest congratulation to the people of the United States. We have embraced the ideals for which this great country stands. We salute your contributions to the making of this great nation.

We are confident that the current challenges facing the nation will be no match for the spirit and resolve of the American people who continue to guard the hard won achievements of this nation. May the fire that set in motion that quest for a more perfect Union continue to burn ever strong and bright.

Please accept our very best wishes for the continued peace and prosperity of the Government and people of the Unites States of America in the years ahead.


Salute to American Independence Day - Her Excellency Audrey P. Marks

Audrey P. Marks


Washington, D.C.

4th of July 2020


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