Sales technology: does it help sell or dehumanize the process?

Technology has invaded our lives and the business world in a few years. Today we seem to be witnessing a reversal of traditional values: business is much more online in the clouds and digital than online. A company that focuses its operations outside the web environment is already finding ways to use the internet in some way to generate demand.

Is it impossible to run a business without using technology in sales?

The reality of sales has shown an increasing need that the sales professional needs to be connected all the time. This means that technology in organizations should be seen as a key benefit to better business performance. That being said, you have to start making technology as a whole (gadgets and software) a great ally of your business team, so they serve as great allies in the mission of helping the salesperson improve their performance. We can find the advanced gadgets like a Plantronics headphone, a touchscreen smartphone, asset management software maybe…and so on. They are the must have ones for effective business operation.

Sales technology: does it help sell or dehumanize the process?

As much as all the digital marketing concepts, online relationships, customer service and other aspects of the connected world are getting into our lives more and more, many salespeople and companies do not know how technology in organizations can effectively influence business.

On the one hand, we have the consensus that technology is positive and that it can be healthy for the outcome and business success. In addition to this, we have the continuous wave of resistance to the adoption of new technologies in the business by sellers and professionals of the area.

That said, we have the growing and constant fact that technology can and should be increasingly incorporated into business, as a means of facilitating and simplifying information, not only to commercial teams, but also to entrepreneurs.

Resistance to the adoption of new ideas such as CRM, ERPs, and project and account management software are increasingly falling to the ground when new companies provide managers with an intuitive way to control, measure, and analyze their firepower. So if technology in business has been growing as an ally of entrepreneurs, who already understand their role in managing their business and their team because it can’t be seen as an ally in sales too? Why is the test result of say…a business headset important? Deep recognition of technology is the main requirement we can make it an ally in our business.

Technology, more and more, can be a great ally of sales.

E-commerce continues to be a great opportunity to sell on the internet, now that the elderly have been adopting the internet and social media as a relationship, shopping and leisure channel. Companies are increasingly implementing digital processes in their departments. Acronyms such as ERP, SAP, CRM, Analytics, among others, are already part of the daily life of micro, small and large companies. Nowadays, we are so used to technology that we end up using communicators to talk to the people sitting at the tables next to us.

We turned digital. This is a belated finding. 

Technology has impacted customer relationships, marketing, advertising (who would say Google AdWords would be the giant it is today), as well as our friendships and personal relationships. In addition, we can conclude that technology has influenced and even changed the sales stages. And the last advice is to be an e-commerce, where all the steps are online whether it’s a small business closing contracts out of your state because you’re expanding your customer base over the internet.

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