Roamin’ TV Show takes Caribbean Music and Culture International

BRIDGETOWN, Barbados – The music and culture of the Caribbean takes a giant leap forward when Barbados’ most popular entertainment television show airs on the CBS network on every Thursday at 7 P.M., with a potential audience of over 16 million across over 23 countries. By partnering with CBS affiliate WSEE-TV, the Roamin’ TV show becomes an important avenue for though which regional talent can be showcased around the world.

Produced by ALT Entertainment, Roamin’ is currently in its 5th season on Barbados’ CBC. It is a complete one hour video magazine show which encompasses various aspects of Caribbean youth culture. It features popular Caribbean music videos, the “In the Caribbean” segment which showcases what the Caribbean has to offer and it culminates with the “Top 5”, a countdown of the region’s most popular videos. With its “Text Message to TV” feature, it has become a staple among young people who want to “shout out” their friends on television.

Roamin’ will be aired on cable in Antigua on Channel 50, in Aruba on Channel 16, Barbados on Channel 702, · Belize on Channel 16, Costa Rica on Channel 23, Dominican Republic on Channel 50, Dominica on Channel 26, El Salvador on Channel 47, Grenada on Channel 5, Guantanamo Bay on Channel 9, Jamaica on Channel 27, Nicaragua on channel 51, Puerto Rico on Channel 22, St. Kitts and Nevis on Channel 31, St. Lucia on Channel 4, St. Maarten on Channel 27, Turks & Caicos on Channel 10 and in the Cayman Islands, Curacao, Martinique, Montserrat, St. Thomas, St. Vincent & the Grenadines, Tortola and Trinidad & Tobago.

ALT Entertainment Inc.’s Director of Television Media, Kelly Gittens commented that “this a major development that will not only give much needed exposure to Caribbean artists and musicians, but also show the world what the Caribbean region on a whole has to offer. Furthermore, Roamin’ will air every Thursday in the coveted 7-8 P.M. prime-time slot, so advertisers are guaranteed to have their messages and products seen by a massive regional audience at the best possible time.”

Gittens further explained that he fully expects the show to mirror the success it achieved as Barbados’ number one music video show at the international level. “Roamin’ will have the artistes, the music videos and the culture that people are craving”, he explained. “This is definitely an exciting time for ALT Entertainment Inc., as well as all the artists we’ve worked with to make this moment possible.”

The company’s entertainment website, located at www.boomtribe.com, is the home page for Roamin’. Director of Interactive Services, Ryan Davis, points out that “viewers can watch the music videos featured on the show and vote for their favourite music video.” “BoomTribe.com also offers Caribbean music for sale as MP3s and a number of other formats, and features up-to-date entertainment news, event coverage, ringtones and is also the online home of the BoomTribe Caribbean Top 10 Radio Show.”

The company’s online activities, when combined with the massive viewership expected for Roamin’, gives the Caribbean region now additional control over the development of a truly regional music industry,” said Davis. Davis goes on to say that “music can be a huge foreign exchange earner for the region, but lessening the dependence on ‘being signed’ to US recording contracts is critical to making this a reality.”

When asked about the company’s plans for Caribbean music, Davis explains out that, “ALT Entertainment Inc. has been investing seriously in Caribbean entertainment for the last four years and we believe that we have the experience and organizational infrastructure necessary to support the development and export of Caribbean music. The BoomTribe brand is well positioned to become the Caribbean’s first truly regional music label.”

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