Richie Stephens ”Come to Jamaica” album launched in South Florida to hundreds of adoring fans!

PEMBROKE PINES – Saturday, August 2, 2008 was a night of good vibes, excellent music and delicious food as Richie Stephens introduced his Come To Jamaica album at a press briefing and performance at the Jamaica Independence Fete hosted by Pat Montague, President of Princess PM Productions at the Grand Palms Hotel – Spa and Golf Resort, Pembroke Pines, Florida.

Pat Montague, President of Princess PM Productions

Doreen Frankson, Managing Director of Edge Chem in Jamaica and past president of the Jamaica Manufacturers Association (JMA) described Richie as a talented, hardworking entertainer who captures what the essence of being a proud Jamaican is all about. She implored the audience to not give up on Jamaica and to spread the good news like the success of a project like Come To Jamaica.

Doreen Frankson, Managing Director of Edge Chem
Photo by: Dreamy Riley

In her remarks, Joy Schaaffe, Director of Marketing at Air Jamaica described the new collaboration as one of the best things to happen to Air Jamaica in a long time. Paul Pennicook at a previous occasion commented that “Air Jamaica proudly supports Richie Stephens in this positive initiative, all Jamaicans will benefit by focusing on the abundance of good our country has to offer.” A new Air Jamaica radio commercial featuring Richie Stephens was premiered at the album launch and is now airing in markets across North America.

Max Earle CEO/Creative Director of Island Stylee in his speech said “we have been empowered to push the positive of Jamaica and try and balance the scales of negativity and Richie is doing the exact same thing, he will have our full support.” He also revealed that Come to Jamaica songs will be featured on upcoming programs. The album will also be added to the music rotation on Air Jamaica and will also be available for sale in flight.

Max Earle CEO/Creative Director of Island Stylee
Photo by: Dreamy Riley

Island Stylee showcased a recorded presentation interview with Richie Stephens which served as a springboard for the ongoing collaboration between them. The presentation featured Richie Stephens performing the Jamaican national anthem at the Reebok Grand Prix when Usain Bolt set the 100m world record.

Richie Stephens was visibly moved by the reaction of the participants. He described Come To Jamaica as a labor of love to express his love for his country. He said he would continue to use his talent as a means of pushing the positive and helping the less fortunate. Richie said “I will continue to give God thanks for his blessings. I thank all the speakers tonight for their kind words and support and couldn’t have asked for a more tastefully done, successful launch of my album.” His plan is to use Come To Jamaica as the vehicle to spread a positive message about Jamaica.

In her closing remarks Pat Montague described Come to Jamaica as a collectors item which showcases the best of all genres of Jamaican music. She described Richie Stephens as a talented, easy going entertainer whose love for the music and interest in making the lives of the less fortunate better an example for others to follow. “Richie has been my friend for many years, I’ve watched him grow in the business and blossom into a great performer and wonderful role model. Come to Jamaica captures the essence of his great talent and love for his country.”

The evening ended with a scintillating performance with Richie Stephens wowing hundreds of patrons at the Jamaica Independence fete with some of his classic hits as well as songs from the Come to Jamaica album. The title track, Come To Jamaica, Country Bus & Glama Gal were particularly well received.

New York and Connecticut are next on the album launch lineup on August 14 & 15.

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