Richie Spice shoots video for new album

NEW YORK – Culture reggae star Richie Spice is excited about the release of his new album, Gideon Boot, set to hit store shelves on May 13. So excited that he commissioned the video for his first single, “Di Plane Land,” which he flew to New York to film this past weekend.

“Di Plane Land” is currently enjoying regular airplay across Jamaica, and this week sits at the #3 spot on the reggae chart. The song laments the stereotypes Caribbean immigrants face when they “land” on American soil, as many are wrongfully subjected to interrogations and their belongings are taken away since they are often viewed as drug mules, simply because of their origin.

Richie Spice attained critical acclaim with the release of his last album, In the Streets To Africa (VP, 2007), and Gideon Boot is expected to follow in its wake, as Spice currently has not one but three singles on the Top 10 reggae chart.

“Di Plane Land” was directed by Rhona Fox and is scheduled to hit airwaves in a week. It was shot on location all across Brooklyn, New York, including under the famed Brooklyn Bridge. The video saw cameos from The New Kingston Band, reggae artist and Spice’s brother Snatcha Lion, model Valentine Baker, and noted publicist Raine Martin.

FOX FLICKS crew on the set of Richie Spice’s “Di Plane Land” under the Brooklyn Bridge in New York City.

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