Reggae’s Top Artist featured on Snow Cone CD – In stores Aug. 19th

KINGSTON, Jamaica – Rohan “Snow Cone” Fuller knew as a child that he wanted a career in music. Born and raised in the Crescent Road, Kingston 13 community of Jamaica, he was exposed to an eclectic mix of music; but Dancehall, with its pulsating raw energy, was what drew him in.

With over a decade of recording experience under his belt, Snow Cone has transcended the ranks of aspiring artist and businessman to become one of the most sought after producers in the game. A highlight of Snow Cone’s career was receiving an ASCAP Award for Sean Paul’s hit single “Tempature” (off the The Trinity album) the most performed song for 2006 which reached the top of the R&B and rap music charts. The Trinity garnered a Billboard Award as the “Top Selling Reggae Album of the Year” for 2005 and its single “Temperature” earned the 2006 Billboard award for “Hot 100 Single of the Year.

After phenomenal success with several riddim compilations, Snow Cone is back with his self-produced full-length album Reggae Dancehall Nature. Boasting appearances from today’s chart-topping Dancehall and Pop artists including Beenie Man, Mr. Vegas, Junior Reid, Lady Saw, Nadine Sutherland, Kevin Lyttle, Spragga Benz, Wayne Wonder, Bounty Killer, Hollowpoint, Kat DeLuna and more. The compilation album will be released on August 19, 2008 through New York-based Phase One Communications with distribution through EMI.

After beginning his career as a warm-up act on Lees Unlimited, the young deejay moved to New York with his family at the age of fifteen. At the time, artist like Shabba, Patra, and Shaggy were huge hit-makers introducing Dancehall and Jamaican culture to U.S. audiences. Snow Cone became an MC/Selector for popular New York sound GT High Power, where he met legendary Jamaican producer Jack Scorpio and Salaam Remi (Amy Winehouse, Fugees, NAS). Remi took a liking to the determined youth, and hired Snow Cone to be Mega Banton’s and Ricky General’s Road Manager.

When not on the road, Snow Cone also began spending time in the studio, learning from Salaam and getting more involved with audio engineering and production. The renowned artists who frequented the studio – Beenie Man, Bounty Killa, Sean Paul, Elephant Man, and Red Rat, just to name a few – started encouraging Snow Cone to go back to Jamaica to establish his sound.

Armed with the knowledge of the years in Salaam’s studio, he returned to Jamaica, excited about the possibilities of starting his own production company, but not just as a sound bwoy, but as a song writer. He scored his first hit with rhythm compilation Rice & Peas, writing and producing several tracks.

Over the next few years, Snow Cone continued to build his impressive resume and reputation, writing and producing for such artists as Bounty Killa, Spragga Benz, Elephant Man, Wyclef Jean, and Wayne Wonder. His production and songwriting style of making catchy but profound songs soon caught on and he was sought out to write and produce for some of the leading DJs.

In 2001, Snow Cone established Jah Snow Cone Entertainment. The company, focused on developing young talent within the Urban and Pop genres, boasting an impressive roster of up and coming artists, including Bridgez, Delicious aka Wifey, Scabanga aka Mr. Pang, The Beat Bangers and Izes. He released several rhythm projects, including Rice & Peas (2001), Earth Wind & Flame (2002), Pen and Paper (2002), The Beach (2002), Applause (2004/2005) and Cheerful (2007).

After scoring the #1 song in Jamaica, Shane O’s “Lightning Flash” off of Applause, Atlantic Records artist Sean Paul’s camp picked up on the buzz and contacted Snow Cone. Soon after, Sean recorded a song with Snow Cone that would be used on his upcoming album, The Trinity (2005). The result of their collaboration was the song “Temperature,” which was chosen as the album’s second single. Sean’s ability to ride a rhythm and talent as a songwriter, along with Snow Cone’s pulsating production and a slick video, gave Snow Cone his first cross-over hit.

Snow Cone is now recognized as an international producer, and he has had his hand in several major projects. His new album Reggae Dancehall Nature takes his stunning work on previous riddim albums a step further for 2008. Snow Cone’s polished production shines with a stellar line up of stars. Although each brings a different sound to the compilation, its consistency makes it difficult for Snow Cone to pick favorites. “Most of the songs inspire feelings of peace, love and unity.

We’re living in turbulent times and that’s one of the things I was striving for with Reggae Dancehall Nature,” explains Snow Cone. “Glory’ by Spragga [Benz] and ‘JahJah Is My Light’ by Nadine Sutherland stand out to me, because these are two spiritual songs produced through rough times, and they offered me spiritual upliftment,” he offers. “I also enjoy “You’re My Baby” by Kat DeLuna and Hollowpoint, because of the merger between Dancehall and R&B on the track.”

When Snow Cone partnered with New York-based Phase One Communications for the album, the relationship was a natural fit. “Snow Cone is an outstanding producer who has a keen ear for commercial hooks and melodies,” asserts Steve Oaklander of Phase One. “He has written and produced hit records, and can easily do so again. We are hoping to give him a home where he can bring us new music by well-known artists from the Dancehall genre, and possibly develop some new artists who can have an impact both in Dancehall and the clubs with potential for crossover to the mainstream.”

“Today’s scene is missing Snow Cone’s prodigious talents,” continues Steve. “There are other albums of this sort coming out all the time from other labels, producers and artists, but I am particularly excited about the opportunity to expose Snow Cone to fans, and to bring new music from important Jamaican artists to the U.S. market.”

Snow Cone agrees, and exudes positivity about what the future holds for Reggae Dancehall Nature. “I think that it is the beginning of more good things to come. This album took about six months to record. Every studio moment was just as memorable as the one before, and there are so many memories that will carry on. I am a creative producer who loves his music, and I want to give fans a depiction of how I experience Reggae music and the beauty and joy that it holds.”

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