“Stephany C is getting on ‘Bad’ for Carnival 2K11

PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad – Carnival is T&T’s most creative period. The Carnival bug bites everyone. For Carnival 2011 the bug has definitely bitten new soca artist Stephany C.

The Sangre Grande born, Arima based singer/songwriter has finally decided to throw her hat into the soca ring.

Stephany is no stranger to the stage having performed alongside giants like Crazy, Blackie, Super Blue and Chris Garcia to name a few. She has been a cast member with Brigo’s Cultural Theater and the Original’s Wax promotional team.

Stephany C.

Stephany started her songwriting journey at the age of 14. Over the years she has penned songs for Kalyan and many radio commercials.

Her singing career began 15 years ago and at present she is a member of Amista Parang group. ‘Carnival and Christmas is my favorite time of the year’ says Stephany.

When asked about her offerings for carnival 2011 she said “I have been listening to the soca songs over the past few years and I decided to take the ‘wave and jump’ theme a little further. “We getting on Bad” is all about the fun of Jouvert, but clean healthy fun. It is Jouvert without violence, but with plenty bacchanal.”

“We getting on Bad” is written by Stephanie C, and the song track is arranged by Damien ‘Swanky’ Preston. “I got the real vibe of the song while working in the studio” she went on to say. The video was produced and directed by A.B. Mitchell at Green Door Studios, in Diego Martin. “The director wanted to portray and re-capture that nostalgic Jouvert feeling, full of fun and merriment” says Stephany.

“My other song, ‘Nasty Man’ is really just about family life and about how badly some men treat their women. This song was also arranged by Damien ‘Swanky’ Preston and both songs were recorded at Supreme Studios in Arima.”

Stephanie is a prolific composer and after carnival 2K11, we will be hearing lots more from this extremely talented artist. She is currently working on her first album, which is still yet to be named.

Look out world…Here comes Stephanie C.

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