Reggae Report celebrates 25 Years with the launch of Backstage @ReggaeReport.com an exclusive Online Video Show

MIAMI — M. Peggy Quattro, publisher and founder of Reggae Report, announces the first episode – or webisode – of Backstage @ReggaeReport.com. The online video show was conceived early in 2007 while visiting friends on Mammee Bay, Ocho Rios, Jamaica. The picture-perfect water and tropical surroundings inspired Peggy to envision a beautiful setting where the story of reggae music could be told.

With more than 27 years in the reggae industry, Peggy has been writer, photographer, speaker, radio show host, and CD and concert producer. She has a commanding archive of stories, interviews and photographs to share with the world. When the increased printing and shipping costs forced the magazine to cease printing, Peggy looked to the Internet as the next frontier. She began ReggaeReport.com in 1999, offering the same news and information format as the magazine, without the expense and difficulty of collecting from distributors in 42 countries! With the Internet, Reggae Report has been able to reach more fans, in more countries, faster, and on a daily basis.

Host, Arielle Grace

Back in Miami, Peggy had lunch with daughter, Arielle Grace Quattro, then a senior in TV production at the University of Central Florida, in Orlando, Florida. She shared her Jamaican vision, ideas and hopes to continue her role as a reggae innovator. Arielle, growing up in the world of reggae and publishing, was keenly aware of her mother’s passion. With reggae’s explosive growth on the world music scene and an abundance of music sites, Peggy knew she had to come up with something different. Together, they discussed the possibility of an Internet show. Combining Peggy’s history, contacts and access with Arielle’s training in both video and television production, as well as acting, they came up with the concept for Backstage @ReggaeReport.com!

The first webisode begins with coverage of the inaugural Reggae Academy Awards, held in Kingston, Jamaica, in February 2008. Peggy and Arielle converged on Kingston, setting up a studio at the hotel, shooting days of interviews, footage of the awards show, as well as capturing the flavor of downtown Kingston and New Kingston. The result is a three-part series that focuses on before, during and after the history-making awards show.

After gathering and logging the hours of tapes brought back from Jamaica, Arielle has edited an entertaining eight-minute online show, featuring stars, music and video that will surely capture the attention of global fans. As host, Arielle Grace brings beauty and poise to the small screen. M. Peggy Quattro speaks with award show nominees, performers and presenters in a casual, personal style that will have viewers feeling as if they are there.

As reggae reaches its 40th anniversary, there are many stories still left to be told. Reggae Report, always on the cutting edge, will be there to do its part – one webisode at a time.

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