Reggae Pop duo Freemynz Drops Remix for Dangerous featuring D’Angel

by Howard Campbell

KINGSTON, Jamaica – When reggae/pop duo Freemynz decided to do a remix for Dangerous, their 2022 dance single, they needed some extra star power. D’Angel, one of dancehall’s headline grabbers, seemed the perfect choice.

The saucy singer teams with Freemynz members Shango Trex and Catapila on the remix which they co-produced with Andre “GC” Fennell, who co-produced the original version that came out last summer.

The Dangerous Remix was officially released on January 6.

Shango Trex said the chemistry with D’Angel was spot-on. Her sensuality, he adds, brings to a different dimension to Dangerous’ second coming.

“The difference is the mood, the feel and the collaboration with D’Angel. She has certainly enhanced the remix we had in mind,” Shango Trex noted.

After listening to the original cut of Dangerous, New York-based Shango Trex and Catapila who lives in Japan, believed a fresh feel would give it a more commercial sound and help break the song in wider markets.

Contemporary producers have effectively used the remix to introduce dancehall acts to pop audiences. Shabba Ranks with Housecall and Mr. Loverman and Sean Paul with Get Busy, are prime examples.

The lanky Shango Trex, who is from Kingston, said the idea for a remix came shortly after Dangerous was released in June. When it came time to select an artist with crossover appeal, they sought D’Angel, a tabloid darling in Jamaica known for songs such as Blaze and Baby Father, a collaboration with Vybz Kartel.

Shango Trex and Catapila, who is from St. Thomas parish in eastern Jamaica, cut their teeth on the Japanese reggae scene. They knew each other for many years before finally deciding to work together 12 years ago.

Their early releases included a cover of Billy Ocean’s Caribbean Queen as well as original songs such as That Rush and Time to Shine.




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